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Why beginners are dishearten in few days at Fiverr?

Why beginners are dishearten in few days at Fiverr?

I observed here that several newcomers on this outstanding website become irritated.

would you please like to discuss how to avoid such kind of situation?


They become disheartened because they start selling without having done a lick of research beforehand.


Probably because they were told they would make money fast and easy, but it’s not the case.


agree with you @vibronx

thanks for reply


yes, absolute it’s also one more decent opinion

Thank you @zreine

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Also, the forum is full of new sellers who have taken advice from so called gurus suggesting that you just create a gig on Fiverr and everybody rushes to buy it.

Then they spread Fiverr myths which are supposed to get you sales.

I have sympathy for them as they are misinformed and spread this misinformation.

If only they would research and listen to experienced forum users and sellers.


a different but in all conscience real-world opinion shared by @lloydsolutions



Review websites are telling people that they can “get rich quick” at freelance sites like Fiverr.

The truth is, that is incorrect.

Sure, you can make money here. Some can earn good full-time wages.

But if you ask any of them they will tell you it took months and years to get to that level of income on Fiverr.

That’s the reality of the situation.

Plus, there is a lot of competition at a site like this. It takes time to get noticed.

Just be patient. It’ll come.


Agree with everything except the above.

If you just “throw together” any old gig and cannot offer a professional service all the patience in the world will not make you successful.

Buyers are not stupid and they can see if a photo is false, a gig description has been copied or a writing gig has a description full of grammatical errors.


Also, they read and try to follow bad advice given by sellers who have been on the Fiverr Platform for a short time and have 0 sales! :woman_facepalming:t2:


@naeem6322 I think answer for your matter is many new sellers trying to sell in competitive categories which is out of luck what do I mean by that imagine how many level 1 and 2 and top rated sellers on that category but still new sellers trying to do the same thing and buyers won’t go with those new sellers because buyers need good reviews to look up and many more things.

my best advice is to try to do something which is in your skill arsenal that is not that competitive in today or upcoming months but that special skill that you have that you think that you will not get sales probably will get sales within couple of months because we don’t know the future.

If you don’t have that kind of skill by all mean You can learn just like me when I don’t have orders for longer time period I always try to learn new skills I am learning Game Designing by unity and I saw there is category for game designing in Fiverr last year or I just don’t remember the time frame but when I started Fiverr that category wasn’t even there but it’s there now.


True. There has to be quality in the Gig and it has to be something the Seller can actually do.

Thanks for adding that.


People come to fiverr thinking that just creating a gig, they will start selling and become successful.

They don’t know that it’s more competitive than in “real” world. They don’t know that they need to promote their services if they want to be successful, like in any other place in the world.

This is the most competitive online marketplace in the world for services. These sellers are not patient and will never be successful anywhere.

People who think that sitting and waiting after crating a gig is the answer, I’m sorry but most of these will give up.

Of course some sellers have lucky, they get some good placement, good impressions and start to do a lot of sales quickly, but it’s less than 1%.

To be successful at fiverr there are only 3 tips?

  1. Promote your service.
  2. Work hard to deliver better than any other.
  3. Be patient. The results will come.

It’s not only here at Fiverr, but at any other place in the world.


they don’t care about skills, they always focus on money. So frustration comes early


Because we have seen a massive increase in sellers advertising the same type of services / offering copycat services - there is only so much demand the market can sustain. Type some of the most common gig types into the Fiverr search facility and you find:

Photoshop - 32,000 gigs
WordPress - 85,000 gigs
Logo Design - 130,000 gigs

Do new sellers really believe there are 130,000 buyers each day / week / month craving an ‘expert’ logo design? Of course not! I write ‘expert’ deliberately because in my humble opinion, so many of these will be no-hopers who’ve viewed a nonsense YouTube video telling them they can make money by using template websites. In other words, many sellers aren’t even skilled in the service they are advertising.

The majority of buyers aren’t stupid. They can sense the desperation and the lack of skills.

That’s why so many beginners become disheartened


Sellers have so much expectations with this platform and they have no patience, speculations persist regarding fiverr is a best online earning platform for freelancers, indeed it is, but fiverr also demand unique and effective skills to sell on it.
They start to sell same skills on it that already numerous sellers are selling or offering in the same package and they have decades of experience, necessary infrastructure or experience how to approach buyer and respond buyer.
If they understand and save in your mind that everything require time to touch the high level they will never dishearten.
Create a gig and wait for order is not a professional way to work on a professional platform, be connected with the community, ensure your availability and approach social media apps simultaneously, will help you to figure out from this fragile condition.


It is 100% true dear.


You have to be patient


Thanks a lot for your arguments @looseink