Why Bother with the Forums? I'll give you 3 Good Reasons


When I first joined Fiverr, I was like, “What’s the point of forums? This is a total waste of time.” And I promptly ignored them. It was not until a few months later than I started browsing around and getting tips. Wow! I was amazed at all the good advice and camaraderie. I guess I don’t need to convince you to come, since you’re already here, but here are three good reasons to stick around.

  1. You will make more money Yes, that’s right. Thanks to Fiverr forums, I make a lot more money than I would! That’s because I get a lot of tips from smarter and more experienced sellers. Things like “Stop working for $2 an hour.” Things that give me insight into how to attract buyers and how much people are willing to pay. I’ve learned how to hone my product and create a money-generating business that is continually improving as far as finances go. So thank you everybody! I’d still be stuck working for beans if it wasn’t for you.

  2. You will meet cool people I don’t even live on the same continent as most people here, yet I get influence and encouragement from the community. I’m not one of the well-known faces around here, but I read the forums a lot and feel like I have coworkers. I also get great, fast feedback when I need help and advice. It’s nice to be working “next” to all kinds of people with many perspectives and backgrounds.

  3. You can help other people It’s great to offer my own advice once in a while! Newbies need people to help out, and it is cool to be able to encourage those people. Hang out on the forums, and you’ll get to make a difference in little ways every day.

What do you love about the forums?



The memes. :wink:

What I _don´t l_ove about the forums? Good you asked - the 20 minimum characters.


add :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: to any message to hack it.

  • You will be amazed hearing about the success some users have experienced over the years

  • You will experience drama that blows your mind

  • You will never stop learning

  • You will always find a post that cheers you up or makes you laugh

In short:


Having your own ideas challenged is one of the great things about this and other forums.
Finding out what works for me may not work for someone else but that they have an even better solution that I can adopt. Hearing different opinions on how to handle people, both buyers and sellers, is really useful for me.


I admit that I like the ability to yell about a problem I’m having and have the other forum users turn it into something useful and constructive.


I love the stories of success and the humor here.


I’m a seller on fiverr for sometime now, I knew the existence of the forum but I was completely unaware of the benefits. Thank you so much


I didn’t realize how much information there was in the forums on current, almost real time Fivver changes or problems. There is a lot of great information here!


That’s the fun part.:astonished::rage::grinning:


@c3vonow Welcome to forum :slight_smile: