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Why buy off the rack when you can have custom made?

Many buyers on Fiverr are also sellers. Particularly if you are here in the forum. I am a very big proponent of communication between sellers and buyers. It’s a necessity! Why buy off the rack when you can have custom made?

Contacting a buyer first can uncover many things. Other services, freebies, add ons and possible trades! That has been something here on Fiverr that I haven’t been able to do much of. But trading is usually a great way to expand your business and network.

You will find out, that 9 of 10 times when you contact the seller first, what you receive will be much different than what you first took interest in. Custom made feels so good!

Hello, I’m not sure what you mean when you talk about trading. We trade $ for services.
I agree that contacting the seller first can be valuable, and ask for exactly what you want. You might get a custom offer that is exactly what you need.

Although you have a point, I still prefer cash for services rendered :slight_smile: