Why buyer are so poor & greedy?


For $5 they want more and more!


Please don’t generalize like that.
Many buyers are extremely generous and understanding of value.


You can always refuse… but yep… you need to start selling too…:confused:


You might as well ask why some sellers provide service for $5 :slight_smile:
There are plenty of threads discussing this.

You’d need to give us a bit more info to turn this into a discussion :wink:


I can remember my 3rd project on fiverr that I had to work continuously 13 hours for a $5 project. :’(




You cannot use these type of words for valuable buyers. Fiverr is more about passion than earning :slight_smile: So keep calm and do hard work.


yessss… that was my strangling days



Like the rest of life, there are some great and some not so great. Make sure your gig is set up to weed out the ‘not so great.’ Explain in detail what you offer and prompt people to get in touch with you before you order. This way you can filter out the people who may not understand what you do.


I think, I’m lucky, I didn’t get greedy buyer till now. I got some awesome buyer. They are really gentleman.


I got a buyer who didn’t read the gig description and asked for much and ended up getting unsatisfied.


Darn buyers! :rage:


Thanks for supporting him! You also hate buyers right?! LOL


… we should make a Fiverr web page without buyers :rage:


Yeah. What the heck. We don’t need to earn. Who said that we need buyers in order to survive? Is that even true?


Stop being silly people - without buyers, to whom would we sell our services?

@gig_freak gina_riley2 is a buyer - I think she was being sarcastic - how would you like a thread saying ‘why sellers are so poor & greedy’ - all we sellers are buyers as well. Don’t alienate buyers on the forum - bad idea.


Amen to that, sister. :fireworks:

I say ban all buyers and make this a seller only site! :grin::grin::heart::heart:


Yeah, I know that she is a buyer. I was also being sarcastic. :slight_smile:


I agree! Can you start a petition?


Sorry @gig_freak - run out of hearts - have a lion instead! :lion_face:

Just thought I’d better make the point because some posters may not be aware! :slight_smile: