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Why buyer cancelled order without any reason

One of my buyer canceled order while he was satisfied with my work progress and today I received notification Fiverr customer support canceled your order. The delivery time was one month and I have spent 12 days when he got progress he canceled the order without any reason. :frowning:
What I have to do now?

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You already did some of the work, so definitely contact customer support.

yes it happen with me also i think they are scam buyer

contact fiverr customer support.

one day ago he said he is satisfied

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What I ask to fiverr customer support please guide me?

Then give your buyer a reason:rofl::wink::wink: for cancelled your order. Report about that person on fiverr support they will help you to get some incentive

i worked on her order for 25 days and made her order she is happy and offer me tip at the end she cancelled the order really put bad-effect on my profile

same here my profile rating decreased.

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yes exactly we are new seller and hesitate to go with customer support , i think its the best way to avoid such kind of buyers and report to support system

can you access his profile or send him messages ? if not then he is banned by fiverr

abc may not be contacted at this time this message showing.

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Then his is banned i think he filed a chargeback thats why what was the amount of order ?

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Can’t access there account, project was final $250 but he accept my offer only $100 he said I will place order in next month because he is getting error in their credit card.

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can you please explain “filed a chargeback”?

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Sure here you can get more info