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Why Buyer Choose me for his project?

Hello Forum Community,

I have a question that Why buyer Choose me for his project?

When a buyer sends a buyer request to make his website improv, responsive, many of us make various offers to the buyer. In that case, why, for what reason, will the buyer order me to improve his website?

Need Tips all experts

Thank You

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You are the one who has the gig offering who can solve the buyer’s problem or pain points. You just have to craft your offer well to stand out.


i will create best to best offer for buyer request but why chose me into all people offer?

Most of the customers don’t’ buy just the solution or the service. They buy care and relationship. If you think about Coca Cola, why they are selling well? It’s just a drink.

But they represent the product as happiness. People buy the happiness not the drink. You need to find out something like this. Let your customers feel secured and cared. Customers are human being too.


Thank you for your Advice.

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I just landed my latest Gig (and this is how most of them choose me) by being clearly myself.

Most Mix Engineers will talk about Gear and Genre and all the formulaic stuff that turns them on. I do not.

I talk about what turns me on which is Selling the Story of the Song, Finding the Beauty of the material. Coupled with my deep knowledge of music over the last 60 years, this helps the right people choose me.

Gear & Genre-obsessed people don’t understand that so they pass by and while frustrating to see, I know that when people come to me for me, we do Great Work

Which just happens to deliver 5-Stars and a great review like:

Amazing collaborator, I would give more than 5 stars if I could. Excellent communication, I am very happy with the final product - an overall pleasing and creative experience. Seriously above and beyond. I really appreciate the two mixes on Planets, I feel like you took to heart all the information I provided, you went above and beyond to ensure a thorough and creative transaction, and on top of that you provided sound advice to increase my knowledge. Can’t say thanks enough, I am very happy with the tracks.

This is what will get you hired.



I lost all my hearts for another 12 hours so here you go – :heart: :heart_decoration:


No one can tell. It’s something you gotta find out and answer for yourself. People can pick Android because of the flexibility or iOS for the prestige or easiness. It’s up to you to figure out what your offer is and what makes you unique.

Good luck.