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Why buyer didn't reply my sample answer?

Hello everyone. Yesterday I just got my first message from a customer among tons of my sent out offers. So I got very excited and she asked me to do a sample test. I quickly finished the test and send her back the answer with some polite words. Then I just wait.
But till now, it’s almost like 20 hours and she didn’t respond at all, and her status icon is grey so I think she’s not being online since I sent her the answer.
So I texted her this morning politely asking how about the project and trying to get her confirmation about hiring me or not. But still no response. Should I leave it alone and try to find other requests? Or wait longer?

Would anyone please explain this situation to me? Thank you very much.


buyer maybe offline…

Thank you!
It turns out the buyer was just too busy with her work.

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Yes it’s normal to encounter such scenarios. Most buyers are often genuinely busy or just held up by some events. I had one buyer who forgot about his order for almost a week then later he came and apologized. Also careful not to spam him with messages, two to three messages is enough. He’ll get back to you. Thanks