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Why buyer don't response me...!

Hello Everyone,
I’m Sujon.A new seller at Fiverr. I’m always trying to response buyer request regularly. But I don’t get any feedback. I always try to response those task which I can do. I try to replay buyer very carefully and politely.
Can anyone tell me please what can I do?
I can satisfy my buyer that time when I’ll get a project. But I didn’t get any order.

Thank you.

Keep sending offers to requests you can do. It partly depends on the amount of competing sellers who also send offers to the same requests. Try differently priced offers. Check the spelling and grammar of the offers and the gigs and gig videos etc. Check gig pricing - you could reduce the gig pricing a bit if necessary until you have more orders.

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Same happened to me a lot. I was also worried, but some replied after some days saying that they got busy or was sick etc. And some officially didn’t get what technical terms I was talking about, not their fault, they wouldn’t have come to me if they knew everything. So, I started keeping it simple according to the buyers. Try to reply to them in their language in how they have knocked or explained their project works. Don’t get too simple on the experts though, they might think you don’t know anything. In one sentence, match the buyers profile while replying.
The key is to not getting depressed on it and don’t hold on to it. Keep sending offer requests and mostly improve your gigs anyway possible. A good gig and profile with work examples and portfolios are always eye-catching.

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I agree. Just don’t be too pushy to the same people and keep on sending new requests to new people instead! You just got to be patient. I’m new as well and It’s just networking and the waiting game now. :smiley:

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