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Why Buyer Don't submit Gig Requirements


A buyer Placed an order on 21 December and still didn’t submit requirements.

I messaged him/her but no response at all.

Also its shows that he was active Screenshot_10

Now, What should I do?As you can see the countdown has not started yet and I can wait forever.
This is an order of a Happy New year Video and only few days left.What will happen If he don’t reposed me forever.

Why he/she Place this order?

If this order goes to cancellation without starting, Will it effect my order competition rate?


Yes if you cancel this order, it will effect your rating.


buyer was careless :frowning:


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That’s totally unfair @nasimafb:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:There is no my mistake @cagricilara


He is placed the order and payment is also done so i don’t think so he don’t want to place order So you can just alert him via message if incase he read the message and reply to you


I already send him three messages and he/she did not repose me yet even he is not online since the day he place ordered.

I think sending more messages is not fair.


you can’t do anything more


Yes I know it is not your mistake. I had face same issue nearly 3 months ago. I have cancelled some orders that waiting for months and it effect me gig listing negatively. I had 60 bad days to get order.

I know that was effect my gig listing but I could not use Available Now as I had 5 active orders (which is same as yours. 5 or 6 orders waiting buyer requirements)


I think I must wait till next year and after that I’ll cancel the order because in 2018 no one need to get a video to welcome 2018.

What will suggest to me. Either cancel the order or wait for buyer response.


Just wait. No need to cancel now


Buyer is careless :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Do not cancel. Just let it sit there and wait. There is no point in pondering about it. You did everything what was right, now it’s on the buyer. If he waits for a year, you make a 2019 video instead :wink:


If You/Buyer/CS cancel the order, at the end you will lose the points. In my experience 6% for an order I lost previously which was canceled by CS.


Yes, That’s a good idea. Whenever he came back I’ll deliver video for next year.

But. It stops me to use “Available now” as @cagricilara said


I think the orders that even don’t started and buyer placed it by mistake must not be counted as cancelled orders.


Okay. So just wait, no need to worry so much.


I have 35 of those - dating back to 2012- some buyers not even logging in since 2012 - and I have reminded , nudged all that jazz… several times… but when I asked CS what to do, they said no HOW they’re cancelled, cancelling will affect my order completion - with this new levels setup, all while acknowledging that this isn’t my fault. As a result, I can’t use the “Available now” feature.

Super annoying. :zipper_mouth_face::expressionless:


Same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago. I’ve texted couple of times, but still got no reply.
Cannot cancel the order too as it’ll increase my cancellation rate. Guess i’ll keep that as it is for the rest of my Fiverr career. :confused:


That is awful :hushed: 35 orders OMG…

If they are really even don’t login since 2012 than What about if You start the order yourself and deliver anything and after 3 days order will automatically completed. It does not matter what you deliver because if anyone is offline for 5,4 or 3 years. I think he/she is offline forever and You consider it a Bonus … :smile:


Don’t worry
just wait for buyer