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Why buyer don't want to complete orders?


Side note: Ratings can be helpful. I want as many as I can get.

That said, the real mark of success is if those clients order again and/or recommend you to someone else. That means you’re making some money AND repeat clients value your work enough to invest again.

Over time repeat buyers are far easier to deal with, take less time before they order, so you make more with less time on each order. I love new clients, but in practice they often require a higher investment in time before they start. (Understandably, they want to be sure my gig fits their needs. They don’t know me, so they are taking a small chance…)

I like the ratings, but I work for repeat clients. (Provide great value no matter how much you charge, they will return.)


3.Buyer does not understand that feedback and rating are very important for the seller. In this case, if you send a message to the buyer explaining how important the rating is for you, the buyer will surely leave a rating and feedback

The second sentence/recommendation is not a good idea. Don’t send a message to the buyer, don’t ask about ratings or reviews. Don’t say anything to them at all. I am a buyer, and I view this as pressure and in some cases harassment. I would never buy anything from a seller again if I got a follow up message about ratings/reviews. :neutral_face:

Let it go - don’t make a “thing” of focusing on reviews.

I agree with arun5iver on his reasons why buyers don’t leave reviews. Just understand it, and don’t do anything about it, except focus on better and better work delivered. :slight_smile:


The UI is confusing for buyers. Give them a link to THEIR dashboard as a hack. Replace your username with theirs in the URL. It helps, sometimes.

Also, you might get 3 orders from a client and they think they’re obligated to write a LONG review—which is not the case.


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing as a buyer. But for new sellers like me, reviews are important…
and completing orders is a part of the whole buying process. buyers should finish their job like sellers did. that was the post for :slight_smile:


You right…!! but don’t waste your time to think about these things just concentrate on your projects.