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Why Buyer Messages are going SPAM

Recently i have facing a problem,
When a new buyer knock me, i can’t get it at messages.
It is going in Spam.

I like to hear from Experts. :blush:
Thanks in advance.


check his profile completely.

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same issue with me, since i am facing this problem

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Problem not solved. :sleepy:

Experts are not required. It’s landing in spam… Because it’s spam, which should be evident by the message.

It’s an inquiry, not a “knock.” That’s not a professional or appropriate way to describe it.

I don’t understand this recent trend of people on the forum thinking they need an expert to answer a basic question.


That is because Fiverr is protecting you from Scammers and Spammers. Be thankful and stop trying to figure out how to get the messages.


Something strange happen to me, i receive one message in spam… so i ignored it

But after that the same person send a message and this time come in normal chat

There’s a bug or something like that happen just right now?

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Thanks a lot sir… :heart: