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Why buyer not accept my offer?

I opened the buyer request option and so many requests are there I send an offer to the buyer but no one accept my offer why?

Who knows. Impossible to say. Too many variables…

Maybe other sellers were more qualified, maybe your offer was too cheap to be convincing, maybe it was too expensive, maybe others could complete the job sooner, maybe others put together a more detailed proposal, maybe other sellers demonstrated better feedback ratings, maybe other sellers had completed Fiverr tests that showed they were good to work with, maybe other sellers had better portfolios of work, maybe the buyer had already decided on the person to work with before you submitted your offer, maybe the buyer had too many offers and only looked through the first few received, maybe your offer didn’t explain the benefits of your service… etc, etc, etc…

Your question is impossible to answer.


Yeah and thank you so much for sharing your advice.

My condition is the same

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At first you should imagine that if you remain in client side how you think for select a seller, who will provide you a quality service.So, First of all you should impress him by your offer because many people send offer but your offer will be unique and very professional so that he can understand you are a person who is best for his job.

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