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Why buyer place order before discussion?

Hello guys,

My gigs are already mentioned before placing the order to discuss with me details in the inbox.but, some buyer doesn’t give me a message and direct place the order. It is kinda difficult to work without more details. after giving an order I’ve to discuss it but sometimes, I may in pressure on other works if they discuss before placing an order, I may not take this order. If he cancels the order, my rating will become red also, I guess. So, when he sent me cancelation of order, I didn’t accept and was trying to continue his work as his requirements then I saw, he already changed his passward and gone offline. I am in the trap. I can’t continue work or even give delivery if he reports it, It may cause a problem for my Fiverr Id. :frowning: I was working on another project in a good mood but he came and made me sad and confused. I don’t know what to do? I just asked for more time to delivery. And I saw, People gave him a low rate with the negative comments as a bad buyer.
Suggest me, what can I do in this situation?



Buyers can place an order without contacting you prior to it. It’s just how Fiverr works. Therefore, you have to be aware of that and plan your gigs accordingly.

That’s why we have the requirements section. So be sure to ask there everything you need to know to work on the order.

If you are working on multiple orders, you can pause your gig or use other functions Fiverr gives us, like limiting the number of orders in queue and such (though I read somewhere here on the forum that the latter doesn’t prevent buyers from placing new orders :woman_shrugging:t4:).


some buyers are new, they dont know the whole process and not sure about the process, so they just order and think then they can discuss later about the work


@virginiabg ok good to know from u.Thanks. I didn’t know.
now tell me , what can I do?

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@shairaamjad his product is sex toy :frowning:
how can I work on these products? I have no privacy at my home!


This has nothing to do with being new. Fiverr is a retail services platform. Buyers are supposed to place an order, then discuss their project needs within the order. There is no need – nor is it intended – that buyers need to contact sellers first.