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Why buyer request are too short :/

how can we tell people that we offer this service or that buyer request are too short

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If you’re referring to the length of text that you have available to you when writing a response to a Buyer Request, that’s actually plenty of space. You’ll just have to learn how to write a short, well-crafted response that captures the attention of each buyer.

After all, you’re competing for a sale. Most buyers don’t want to read a long novel from potential sellers that match their requirements. Shorter is always better. :wink:


oh thanks dear so that’s the reason

You’re welcome. Please don’t call me “dear”, though. It is inappropriate within this environment. The word “dear” is an affectionate term that can actually be offensive within a business environment like this. “Dear” is not a word that you should be using.


Thanks Sir,
My question was same …:slightly_smiling_face:

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about dear question or my queastion ?

that my habit i called all dear i think its sound good and people fell free to talk any one

About your question - ‘how can we tell people that we offer this service or that buyer request are too short’

yes and people are offer there service in buyer request :confused:

If someone’s elderly grandmother calls me “Dear”, it’s fine. If a random stranger does that, it can be creepy, or condescending, or manipulative, but it definitely doesn’t sound good.


Are you asking why @jonbaas asked you not to call him “dear”? In your culture, it may be acceptable to address people as “dear.” However, in the majority of the cultures you will find on Fiverr it is not acceptable. It is like calling them “my loved one”. If the person does not know you it is rude to call a person “dear.” It makes the person upset and possibly insulted. So on Fiverr, do not call people on the forum “dear.” Also, do not call your clients “dear” as I had one potential seller call me. My husband also does not like strange men calling me “dear” :wink:

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I am elderly and a grandmother . . . Can I call you dear?


If you insist. It would still feel strange, though, since we don’t know each other. :slightly_smiling_face:

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