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Why buyer request is not updating since sunday


It now three day and still there is no update in buyer section. I get buyer request at 8 pm every day but it is not happening now. What is the issue.


When you are a Level 1 seller, you will see more Buyer Requests. You, however, need to earn that level. Right now, you are new and don’t have a level. Thus, you do not have the perks that are earned as you gain a seller reputation.


Means it is really tuff now. What are the changes done by fiverr for ranking.


It’s supposed to be “tuff”. That’s the nature of business. You need to find ways to earn your success. Neither we, nor Fiverr, are going to give success just because people want it. :wink:

If you need more customers, take the time to market and promote your gig.

We do not know the inner workings of the Fiverr ranking system. We merely know what it needed to earn a higher seller level, and what will result in a demotion if not achieved.

You can find these things out too by looking at your Analytics page.


Yes, i get it. Thanks jonbass