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Why buyer request not showing me?

I am a newbie in Fiverr, I am worried about Buyer Request.
Why buyer request not showing me??


Check this out: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.)

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I have the same problem

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Buyers request depends on how much effective your gigs tags are if you are using inappropriate tags then you will get no BR try to do some research about tags and use appropriate tags in your gigs.
After doing proper research and using proper tags you have to stay active using Fiverr Mobile App and then you have to observe your BR every 30min (I know this is tough job but its effective)
Please Remember one thing when ever you find requests, “DO NOT REFRESH YOUR BROWSER OR APP I REPEAT DO NO REFRESH YOUR BROWSER OR APP” coz some time it happens if you get some requests on Refresh it will disappear.
Best way is to send offer on given projects which you are able to do/handle then you may refresh.
if luck happens you got some more requests then go for then if no then do same daily and note the time duration in which you will get those offer and that time is yours, You will get requests daily probably.
I hope you like my observations


Buyer Request depend on your gig tags and category ,


I have the same problem…:

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I am having the same problem. I was Level one seller one month ago, I have buyer requests everyday and I can get 5-6 new message everyday. But I am new seller level right now because I didn’t meet fiverr requirement and they revoked my level. Since then, I don’t have buyer request, don’t have new message. My impression and view is droping everyday. This is my gig, the content is unique and completed. But not know why it’s getting lower impression :frowning:

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Hi there,

You need to properly research your keywords.

You should keep your category more relevant (very important)

Keep opening your Fiverr app verious times in the day.

And keep changing your gig after 20 days at least.



same issue with me. looking for advised.


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Hi there Sadia,
You can try to make your gigs more appealing using videos and images and put correct tags so your gig is ranked higher.


There’s so much competition out there, what makes you stand out? The first and foremost I recommend is to create an amazing portfolio.

Do research on your gig tags and change them to see the results.

Thanks for your valuable advise!!

Thanks for this tip. However, I am still confused, because I used the tags of a very successful, top-earner on Fiverr doing the same thing I am doing, yet I am still not seeing any Buyer Requests when I click on the tab. How did she get all those clients on her profile using those tags?

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Thanks for this information. I did see 3 buyer requests earlier today, and as you said, after refreshing the browser, they were all gone! . Anyway I will try and create more GIGs. Thanks for your insight.

Hello, I am facing exactly same issue, did you get to solve it anyhow?

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I am having same problem, Buyer Requests are totally empty, non of my gig showing anything,
last month Seller level went down since then, Buyer request shelf is empty , totally
Please Help.

It depends on your gig status and impression

I am facing the same problem… :cry:

keywords good or bad, buyer request must shown on right time.For this u have to check fiverr mobile apps in any time.
in my case it is it is my opinion.plz anyone don’t mind.