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Why buyer requests are not found


I was on level -2 but due to 2,000$ not completed and rating low. My all levels gone when I checked my profile. One thing more now I have no buyer requests found why?

Where's the Starting point for New sellers?

From what I’ve heard recently, sellers without a level might not get any buyer requests…


really it’s not good


If you don’t have a level, like me (I am new), you still can see buyer requests, just not than many and not all the time. You just have to check every so often.


I can only speak from my experience and my categories (video)
L2 - over 1000
L1 over 500
New seller 0


On level-2 I was getting 5k-7k Buyer Requests but now I became new seller. 0 buyer Requests


I see any where from 0-10 when I check. So a few time a day, I find something to make an offer on. I am really new.


I am going to leave fiverr due to this Reseason


Yes, I am also suffering from the same problem. Though, I am a new smaller and obviously without any level not getting any buyer request. Earlier, however I used to get 5 or 6 buyer request everyday.


You are new but I am working on fiverr from 1-year and my level was 2 now I am on new seller