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Why Buyer Requests are not showing under Active Tab

Hi Everyone,

I’m new on Fiverr, Please check attached image and please tell me why Buyer requests are not showing under the Active tab.

Thanks Everyone,

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I am a level 1 seller and i havent seen the updated requests for 16th June 2018

One thing you could do is edit the category of your gigs appropriately to get more requests

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I’ve already added category of my gigs. you can see in screen shot.

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Well i am not a logo deisgner here and i said "appropriate categories

But please do some research on good selling gigs and see how they used the categories!

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You’re new seller that’s why it is not showing any requests.Once you’ll get a badge of level 1,you can see.

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Thanks for your valuable response but I can see sometimes buyer requests.

and now I can’t see any buyer request although I’ve three gigs active.

I am not a level 1 seller yet either, however I can see buyer requests. It all depends on how many requests there actually are within your category at any given moment or even a whole day. Within my categories some days there are many requests, and some days there are none.

All you can do is be patient and check regularly. Or add more/other gigs within different categories if you have any more skills.

Best of luck!

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Yes you’re right esther87 I was also getting buyer request but since 1 day not more request are showing , but I’ve three categories it should show at least one buyer request.

Unfortunately no :(. It can just happen that at this moment, or even this whole day there are no requests in these categories. Happens with me all the time. But the buyer request is updated throughout the whole day. Be patient, and good things will happen :slight_smile:

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esther87 iconicseoworld sayedussadat

Thank you so much for your valuable replies.

You’re welcome! And best of luck with everything :slight_smile:

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