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Why Buyer Requests doesn't show buyer's history?

So my question is very simple. I open up the buyer Requests section and see almost 40% of requests from non serious people wasting time or just the sellers testing this feature to see how people bid or some spammy people with their spam links e.g. there was a repeated same request from 7 different accounts asking to verify if the ads on their website was clickable, i mean come on :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:.

Fiverr needs to provide a bit more transparency in this regard, we atleast need to see the buyer’s previous hiring history or whether their payment method is verified or not or something like how much they have already spent. So that we can come to know who is a legit buyer and who is just playing with our emotions​:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

I spend almost 7-10 minutes on each offer, so instead of offering blindly we should be given a little bit of info on the buyer please.
What do you all say??


I agree with you. I also think that there should be a option to report a buyer. Most people share their youtube channel links just to get views. We should be able to report those people.


BR is indeed Mad Max (without the cool outfits). Sadly no one wants to tackle it. Not Fiverr, not Sellers old enough to know was a disaster area it is…

Maybe one day Fiverr will swing around and at least have someone look randomly at BR from a Seller’s perspective and start swinging the ban hammer. Until then, like most places, they will not want to upset Buyers with anything that says they have to do things well.



I have message Fiverr about Buyer Request, complaining about the way it works. If you have good suggestions, which you think will work. Message them! They need to monitor buyer requests better. Some buyers offer hardly any info about the work they want done. (This offer is a proper custom offer) So if you offer to do the job, it is an immediate order. Their team should look at every request and delete ones that don’t look legit.

Let us know how they respond. My money is on something bland that means nothing but if you don’t like it, you don’t have to apply for it.


Yah i also see that. It is very disappointing.