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**Why buyers are reluctant to give reviews?**

When buyers look for sellers, they first check, how much the seller has sold, how many buyers have given the reviews, and the positive reviews?And so on.

No matter how quality the buyer’s project is, they are reluctant to give us reviews.The request to give them private reviews is against the rules of fiverr. So how do we get reviews?

No matter how many services are sold and when not any reviews, buyers think we haven’t made any sales. Isn’t that unfair to us?

We must complete a percentage of reviews to meet the level given to us. How do we achieve our goal when buyers don’t give reviews like this?Is there a solution?


No it’s not.

That’s not true. There is no “amount of reviews” requirement in order to get to a different level.

It’s totally up to buyer if they want to leave reviews or not. Fiverr is sending 2 notifications and emails to buyers to leave a review, if they don’t leave it after two reminders then obviously they don’t want to leave a review and even you asking them third time wouldn’t change much. (Of course only in case if that would’ve been allowed)


It’s not under our control. It’s up to the buyers if they want to leave them.


@mariashtelle1 & @misscrystal
If it is not necessary to give reviews as the both of you say, why does the “Maintain a 4.7 star rating or above, over 60 days of course” show as a fiverr level requirement?

And even if there are no reviews, do we upgrade when we achieve other requirements of levels?

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I think it could be unfair especially for a seller who has done the task as they expected.


Yes, I would say that would be unfair to new sellers…

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I believe many of the buyers simply do not want to reveal their profile/identity/buying history online. When a buyer provides a review, others can see his/her profile link and image. For some people, it is a privacy issue.

What Fiverr can do is to create an option for providing anonymous review. So, if a buyer checks the option while reviewing, then the review won’t show his/her username or image in the gig review section, only the review will be shown and instead of showing the username, it will show something like “Fiverr Shopper or Fiverr Client.” I have seen Aliexpress do it. I believe Fiverr can do it too to make the buyers more comfortable with the reviewing process.


Yes, that proposal is very important. That will be fair to both buyer and seller.

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No please. No anonymous reviews here. If you have something to say about a seller have the decency to leave a name to go with it. If you don’t want to do that then leave no review. Don’t let people hide who they are when they publish something on the site.


@mariashtelle1 said

which is a different thing.

You could have one 5 star review, and it would be enough. You don’t need a specific amount of reviews, or a percentage of all orders (like you said) reviewed.


Yes. I mean, if no review is needed, why does Fiverr say, “Put a 4.7 star rating and hold it for more than 60 days”… she understood differently. Sorry, if it’s not clear.

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I think you are slightly confused.

You will get some reviews if you get orders. The reviews need to average out to be over 4.7.

It is up to each buyer if they want to leave a review or not but some will and some won’t want to leave them.


I really understand what you’re saying. I mean, if I receive orders and do them well, but the buyers don’t give reviews, I am less likely to get re-orders. Because buyers check us out through reviews that previous buyers gave. That sounds unfair to us as a new seller, Isn’ it?

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It’s not unfair because 100% of all of us sellers go through it when we are new.

It sounds like you are assuming a very low number of people who buy your gig. Why would you assume that? People DO buy gigs without reviews quite a bit or none of us would be here.


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Look, you need to complete 10 orders for the next level (let’s assume it will be 40$ each).

As long as ONE of those 10 orders will have 5 star review in last 60 days you still will be promoted.

In reality most of your gigs have 5$ price so you sell your all your gigs at 5$ then you will have to complete 80 orders to reach 400$ mark requirement.
And if even one order of those 80 orders will have 5star rating and will fall into 60 days bracket at the moment of evaluation then you still will be promoted.

Or do you really believe that none of those 80 people/orders wouldn’t leave a review?

You are worried about wrong things to be honest.
I understand how frustrating it might be not to receive a review when you are just starting but we also saw cases here where it’s better to leave buyers alone because you might think you did everything as they asked and they might not be satisfied and just decided that they wouldn’t leave a review not to ruin your account.



Thank you so much for explaining this to me. Actually, I thought it would be a flaw in upgrading the Only one 5 :star2: rating to the next level.

Not really, because buyers can’t (and should never be) forced to leave a review.


Of course you need reviews to get promoted. If a seller doesn’t get reviews they aren’t selling enough and therefore need to sell more.

Most sellers find that over half of their buyers leave reviews.

I don’t see why this is hard to figure out.

No. You cannot ask for “good remarks”. Everyone knows this is asking for a review. You can get banned for that.