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Why buyers aren't specific in their order

My few week on fiverr has made me understand the mind of people towards approaching a business situation.

What some buyers actually want in their order request is sometimes different from what they tell you in chat. The reason definitely is because the client has a low budget fixed on the request.

Sellers are humans too don’t make them feel like a trash. Be open minded, let’s respect the service we share together.

A good customer service is achieved by trust.
Buyers should be detailed in their Order requests to avoid misunderstanding of any sort.

Cheers to a good sale!


IMHO, I think this should been avoided if both of you communicated through chat before ordering, this eliminates the issue of cancellation which negatively affects the seller (which the buyer doesn’t realize).

BTW I’m a newbie here and still lurking around, studying first

serves as lesson for me too

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