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Why buyers don't read gigs description?


These 3 last weeks have being really hard.

The good part is I’m getting more orders than last 6 months. But the worst part by far, is that I’m receiving orders from people who don’t want to read my gig description, where I clearly say that some images demand extra charges to be worked.

Some buyers just order and disappear. Some think I’ll do dozen of hours working for $5. Some arent even sending me the files to get worked.

Why cant buyers just read the gigs description or contact sellers before ordering?

I really congrats those buyers who can do this.


You not alone.
As you know I do vectorization of existing design (just like you)
But I have clients who wants professional logo design with embroidery files files for $5 or draw in vector detailed photo for $5. Last order for example was from cunning client who sent me 1 jpg file with 12 complex logos inside and payed for this 5. I also "like" clients who ordered a service and immediatelly canceled it because they ordered it by mistake. So all these problems are from clients who want more for less .


Right now, I have buyer who submitted instructions to work his image, but didn’t submitted any image. So I’ll be forced to cancel the order, just because the buyer didn’t checked his upload.