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Why Buyers Don't Read My Description Before Placing the Order?

Why Buyers Don’t Read My Description Before Placing the Order?

I wrote in the Description: you must contact me before placing the order please.

I do these because I get many inquiries every day and I have to choose which projects to work.

Still some buyers do not read anything and place the order right away.

Then I have to ask the buyer to cancel the order if I’m too busy and they complain.

Why people don’t read? It’s simple! I wrote that in the gig description!

My order completion rate was 100% and now it’s going down because some buyers don’t read!

Did you have the same problem?



It boils down to pricing.
If you have a $5,- gig they are tempted to purchase by impulse.
If you have a $20,- gig they will read the description more carefully.

Imagine looking at a chocolate bar. If it’s $1,- and you have a craving for it, you just buy it.
If the price tag says $5,-, you pick it up and read the packaging to find out what makes this chocolate bar so special.


Good point!

I only posted here to say Hi, Mario, I have missed you. @nikavoice is going to be so disappointed she missed you!


Sadly, we all go through the same problem.
It’s clearly mentioned in my gig description to contact me ( in bold letters)
and it’s also mentioned in my gig image ( again, in bold letters)

Some people, for some reason ,


That’s one thing I learned here at Fiverr! :sweat_smile:


Fiverr was designed so that buyers could order without contacting you first.

Yes, it would be polite to contact you first, but they’re not obliged to do it.

Things you could do: increase your prices and extend delivery times. You offer a FB ad copy of 250 words in 1 day and with 4 revisions, it’s very easy to impulse buy that one.

Also, those who do read might notice that you mention advanced package, but don’t actually have 3 packages, only one; they might think that you have copied your gig description from someone else, and choose to work with another seller.


@mariokluser and @catwriter have given great answers.

I don’t intend any offence when I say the following… you’ve got to accept some responsibility for the issues you’re facing.

Firstly, you’re asking buyers to do something that they don’t have to. A bit like buying a product on Amazon, you don’t first contact the seller to ask for permission. You just buy the product and expect it to arrive as described a day or two later. This is how the Fiverr marketplace is intended to work.

Secondly, pricing is likely to be an issue. It sounds like you get a lot of interest from potential buyers and are lucky enough to choose who you work with. That’s a great position to be in! However, by increasing your prices a little you will avoid the spontaneous buyers (the ones who don’t communicate), you’ll reduce your admin effort, save on stress, maintain your completion rate, and make more money.

Win win!


Because some buyers honestly, genuinely consider gig terms to be some random gibberish they can ignore either in part or in their entirety. In turn, your willingness to go: “Yeah, whatever, screw my gig terms, my samples, my prices” is considered “flexibility” and “great customer service”.

Allow me to demonstrate some valuable insight into one of such buyers (after the order cancellation due to the fact that 50% of the gig terms were ignored):

You can’t do anything 100% effective about it. You can minimize the impact by raising prices and slap “contact me before you order” all over your gig page but, ultimately, it’s up to the buyer to acknowledge or ignore you before proceeding to purchase.


I’m tempted to do that as well (Hi Mario @mariokluser , missed you!) but I’ll add some on-topic too :wink:

Apart from Mario’s chocolate bar metaphor, you should also consider your gig and problem from Fiverr and buyer perspective.

Fiverr’s concept is “Browse, buy, done”, aiming at as little friction and fuss as possible.
If you need buyers to contact you because of the nature of your gig, that’s one thing, but if you’re too busy to take orders, that’s what out of office mode, limit orders in queue function, and the possibility to change your gig settings are for. You can, and from Fiverr’s and buyers’ POV should, use all of that in combination to avoid having to cancel orders because you’re too busy.


Make this (contact me before placing the order please) bold and highlight in your description

Yes, I also had this problem.
One way to decide is with a reasonable price.
But I tried another way.
It consists in this:

  • on the order requirements page itself, you can make a prerequisite to do something - read, attach a file, and so on. This will discipline customers.
    Good luck to you.
    Yes, it’s a shame when the rating drops due to the cancellation of the order.

Yes. I expected this to be a problem from the start, but since nearly everyone on Fiverr seems to have a “contact me before ordering” note I thought maybe it works like a charm and did it myself.
Nope, predictably didn’t work.

Then I did two things:

  1. did everything in my power to make direct orders as smooth as possible for me (extended delivery time, reworked my extras, tried to make a more comprehensive breakdown of packages, although there is still work to be done in that regard). In your case that would be increasing the price, as others mentioned above.
  2. removed a requirement to contact me and made it a suggestion instead, with subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) hints as to why it would be beneficial for them to do so

To be honest, now I enjoy straight to the point orders more than the ones with prior conversations. That basically means less time spent on the order, that translates into more $ per hour. Except for rare occasions when requirements are two words “be creative” or when a buyer pays for extra fast delivery, submits a random file and takes 16 hours out of 24 to provide the real requirements.