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Why buyers ignore gig description or packages!


Fiverr recently changed its “Resolution Center” and there are already lot of posts about it. Some say “Mutual Cancellation” hurts sales and some say they don’t. According to “ryangillam”(He posted a rant few days ago) and many other sellers, impressions fall after cancellations. Worst thing is most of the cancellation take place because buyers don’t care to read.

Some of them place an order and send script much bigger than what they placed order for. 70% of them do accept offer and order required amount but then there are those who say “Its very expensive. Cancel right now!”. I mean man…you placed order without looking at price structure.

Then there are some who don’t care about “requirements”, they just write anything and start the order. I can’t work without a script…and I even mentioned that in description. They don’t care. They will place order and write, “I don’t have any, please write it for us”. I send them custom offer and they are like…“Why are you charging for writing a few words. Refund immediately”

In my requirments, I very clearly wrote, “Asking revisions in script after submission may attract extra charges.” But again…they just don’t care. After a day or two. They start asking if they can change a small thing in script. And believe me…its never a “small thing”. They change 50% of the script! If I say no or ask for extra charges…they say “Use same sciprt…I am not paying more amount.” Now you know…this buyer will never leave a good review. These type of buyers always leave a 3.5-4.5

Buyers don’t read and as a result we suffer!


Yes, I recently put in bold in my order requirements that “ANY REVISIONS NEEDED DUE TO YOU NOT SUBMITTING ANY AND ALL OF THE ABOVE INFORMATION WILL BE CHARGED AT $5-$10.” The only problem is, I am still getting people ordering video work with just “thanks, I can’t wait to see the results!” as their order instructions.

I caught one yesterday who acted all confused in regard to why they couldn’t just send me a website link, however, I don’t have time to check every order as it comes in and then spend hours messaging buyers backwards and forwards asking for the information I need. In this case, I sometimes go to start on orders 10 hours ahead of the deadline and find nothing there.

As a seller, this is really debilitating and yes, my cancellations are playing havoc with my sales, search visibility, and impressions.

Now, in a way, this is a good thing as whenever I hit a low period in Fiverr, I focus on either making new gigs, marketing myself on other platforms or as in the present case, marketing myself in the real worlds. However, overall Fiverr needs to stop penalising sellers like this. OK, Fiverr keeps the money regardless but if I then bring in less of the lovely green stuff next month, you lose Fiverr!

Short term thinking equals short term gains and long term losses. Fiverr needs to understand that but it won’t. She’s just too darned stubborn.


My main problem was a buyer ordering and just sending a single, unspecific keyword. My main rule was “my work reflects the information that you give me”, and that couldn’t get through some people’s heads. Restatements, reminders, directly telling them: none of it mattered.

I noticed a pattern within my better buyers. I learned that my more serious and understanding sellers usually have a file that lists requirements in details. After I created a Buyer’s Requirement that required clients to submit their information within a file, I noticed a huge change in the instructions that I received.

Don’t get me wrong; I still receive some vague and downright impossible requests.


“Buyer’s Requirement” do help but there are many who still don’t care about requirments. As you grow(& get more sales) on fiverr, you will get to see more :slight_smile:


I have 4 requirements that must be submitted before one can start the order and in 2 of them I very clearly mention my terms but they still submit random info.

And I agree with you. When number of orders decrease I get some time to go out and see beautiful nature :slight_smile: But don’t know why…I love looking at my PC more than nature :wink:


Fiverr needs to take a very serious look at how they handle cancellations. The new resolution center seems to be a stab at that, but I still don’t understand why my account takes a hit if a buyer can’t be bothered to get on and accept a cancellation for an order they screwed up. The little “What could happen if you cancel this order” text in the resolution center is actually pretty threatening, too.

Look, I know Fiverr only gets paid if we finish orders, so they obviously have a vested interest in us finishing as many orders as possible, but there are plenty of legitimate circumstances in which a cancellation is the best possible solution. Until they can figure out some way to punish buyers for not reading gig descriptions and downright ignoring the instruction requirements for an order, we shouldn’t have to take a hit when we have to cancel orders.


I have a guy wanted me to draw his portrait and didn’t even send me his picture, never reply to my message asking for one. I just don’t know how some people mind work.


Sellers will always have hanging over their heads BUYER FEEDBACK. I can say what I want in my description - give bright and shiny instructions - but if they are ignored it is useless. Cancellations do not hurt buyers and if you charge for something they don’t like, expect a 3 star or less rating. Lets face it sellers, the rules as they are, are not on our side.


^^^ If that isn’t a good representation of how buyers on Fiverr at times, then I don’t know what is.


That´s funny. I just was pondering what to write in my requirements and put something like ‘If you don´t send me your file, I can´t work, can I’ but then deleted it, because it seemed so very obvious that I need something to work with. Maybe I better put it back in there.


Back when I started, when I was offering to write About Us pages, I thought it was very obvious that I needed information about the person/company in order to write the page. And yet, some buyers sent me only a vague sentence or two, or a link to a Lorem Ipsum website.


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That’s very, very common. Another favorite is the good old inbox message, “Hi, I’m interested in an About Us page for my new company? Are you interested, how much and what information do you need?”

Not that bad as far as inbox messages go, but 2 of the questions are virtually answered already while the 3rd is… um…yeah.


Fiverr has not really been supporting sellers…In the new resolution center, its written there that a cancellation initiated by the seller wouldn’t have an impact on the seller. I believed so i always tell the buyer to cancel but yet my completion rate dropped… Don’t know why fiverr do this.Even tho,the buyers bring the money, we earn it for them so we should be given some protection.


Agreed, I have to cancel and order because the Buyer asked for something I don’t offer (not even close to offering) and I have to take the hit to cancel it.