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Why Buyers MUST contact seller before ordering

All our work, yours included, is transactional. How do I get you to work for me? I place an order. Will you work for me if I don’t order? No. Will you work for money? Yes.

Whether a seller is McDonalds or a 5-star restaurant, the purpose is the same- get orders. Whether the buyer pays $5 or $500, the purpose is to deliver quality work that creates a repeat customer.

If you look at each gig, you will find this:

fiverr button

Why is continue above contact seller? Because Fiverr wants you to order. Fiverr allows you to contact the seller, but it’s not what Fiverr wants.

Maybe this isn’t your platform, maybe you’d be better off hiring sellers offline. Perhaps you can meet them at Starbucks, sit down, and let them give you a presentation of their work and services.

If you want to work online, you need to adapt to the way things are done online. If you message sellers, you have to ask relevant questions that are not answered in the gig description. Otherwise you’re wasting people’s time, and people don’t deserve that.

I also don’t need to be told I lack a “growth mentality” when I was a Top Rated Seller until 2017. I obviously know how to grow, but Fiverr changed, and now I focus on other things.

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Well said… essential for everyone.

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After contact it became more easy to work for both.

It was really helpful

[Dear buyer, I think you are right

your right brother. i agree whit you. Thank you

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Useful Suggestion, Thanks for sharing
I will must use this in my gigs

Thank you very much for the tips brother

Thanks it’s helping all to understand

I totally agree with what you have said

Naturally every buyer need to talk with seller before place there order. Because after conversation seller can understood what buyer need? then seller can satisfied the buyer. I agree with you because i am a seller & i can understand it.

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It’s difficult to know if seller is knowegeable or has just copied his job far i have wasted 2 months for my projects.All the sellers i have contacted described themselves as masters but i was so disappointed after so many days that they dont know a thing in what they said thry are capable of.And these type of sellers will always make you wait before you can place any official order.Fiverr should do something about this and verify of sellers are competent and knowelegeable.


Well said
Thanks for shareing :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for the nice tips, you’re a nice person :+1:

@donhat148 There are ways to verify if a seller is legit. One of the easiest ways is to initiate a short conversation. Most capable sellers won’t mind a short back-and-forth on your project. It gives them an idea about you too! If something does not feel right in a brief conversation (such as the seller is making you wait unreasonably long) see it as a red flag and move on.

You can also read the comments on the seller’s profile. What other buyers said, might give you some indication about the person. If you are trying a new seller without reviews, the first-time conversation should be a bit longer and more detailed. Rather take some time to set out your instructions clearly and ask the seller to parrot it back to you, to see if he/she understands.


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your advice.

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Did fiverr update the gig page design again? I got 4 orders this week from people who didn’t see my gig description at all. No prior contact, all the requirements completely ignored. It still happens these days, of course, just not 4 times in a row.


Buyers should contact the seller to find out how best to do the work so that they don’t make edits later


Thank you for this topic. It’s important both new and experienced sellers. There are no good news, if a seller communicate with you like a boss, even he\she has 100500 great reviews. Connection is very-very important in our work, a buyer and a seller should understand each other and try to be useful, polite and understanding. I think, if you are attentive in communication, you pay attention to details in your work.

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