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Why Buyers MUST contact seller before ordering

Buyers should contact the seller to find out how best to do the work so that they don’t make edits later


Thank you for this topic. It’s important both new and experienced sellers. There are no good news, if a seller communicate with you like a boss, even he\she has 100500 great reviews. Connection is very-very important in our work, a buyer and a seller should understand each other and try to be useful, polite and understanding. I think, if you are attentive in communication, you pay attention to details in your work.

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Great. Thanks for shareing… :blush:

I am a buyer and a seller and I always contact before I buy. I also see the response rate if is 1h I know I will get my answer soon. I contact my buyers for the simple reason that I don’t know if they know how to do what I need and to see if we are on the same page. 99% of gigs on Fiverr are not that simple, maybe I need a research and there are not enought information out there, maybe I need a logo but we are not of the same page regarding my idea. Also if you move beyond the 5$ gigs, before paying 300$ or more you should probably talk with the seller. As a Pro seller I can have a Zoom call with clients because Fiverr understand the importance of communication for big and complex projects. Also I contact out of respect, as a seller I know how it is to feel anxiety to click on the out of office and to be full with orders so why would I add more anxiety and why would I do something to another person that I don’t want to be done to me?


You are right. These are all important for every seller.

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I love this this! Seriously, one can’t stretch the importance of buyer-seller communication enough. I have had some buyers placed order only to return with cancellation. By following this tip, buyers can avoid needless dispute and everyone is happy.

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Completely agree with you.
Thanks a lot for sharing such a great thing.

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