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Why Buyers MUST contact seller before ordering

There are a lot of other freelance sites that work that way. It’s just tough for me to wrap my mind around choosing a platform and then criticizing a fundamental element of it. The shopping cart style that Fiverr uses sets it apart.

I just think sellers with the ‘contact first’ mentality should look at it from the buyer’s side (especially for anyone having trouble getting sales). When I was a buyer, I would literally move right on to the next gig if I saw the words ‘Contact First’. It just gave me the impression that the purchase would be a long drawn-out process. I think you need to be aware that there are probably other buyers like me doing the exact same thing.

I’m always happy to talk with customers who have questions first. But my preference will always be for clients to simply read the gig and place the order. It keeps everything rolling along on both of our sides.


Thank you again for your thought


You’d be surprised. Ask any video maker who works with templates/libraries and doesn’t make live videos, illustrations, or animations from scratch. Most buyers have no idea about the difference; they see a portfolio sample that looks nice, and think that the seller can create anything they (the buyers) imagine.


Don’t forget those who spot $200 custom offer in your portfolio and want it to be done for a basic price because there is no distinction in the presentation. It’s the same preview image with the review and that’s it.


Maybe those images need a disclaimer or a subtitle with the words THIS IS A TEMPLATE. Not to mention similar wording is in the gig description.

Either way, we all get stupid orders. I have a gig video where a gun is being fired and the bullet flies, I’ve gotten one order for that video even though it’s not what I’m selling. What I do is refund, if Fiverr was fair, they wouldn’t punish us for refunds.


Oh well, refund…you meant the order was “cancelled” and it counted against you?

That’s being the point all day… If we can avoid cancellation, then do that.

If the buyer had messaged you first before placing that order, that could have been averted.

Thanks anyways for your contribution.


Sure, if the buyer wants you to do something you can do, you can tell him, “sorry, I don’t do that,” and he won’t order. However, most of my refunds aren’t because the buyer ordered by mistake, they’re because the buyer didn’t like my work. Since 4.8 is harder to get and keep than 90%, I choose to refund.

I also choose never to send a buyer request unless I’m 100% sure that the order will benefit me. In the past, I was more aggressive, I would bid everything related to my gigs. Not anymore.


I agree on the topic. I must have lost hundreds of 5$ gigs just because random buyers place a 5$ order and ask me to do something worth 60$ or even 230$ ! And when i explain why the cost is the base, ( because in 3D animation, the cost is depended on how complex and how long the duration of each animation would be )
The buyers would say, oh… sorry. i dont have that amount of budget and cancel up the order.

Would that be my fault ? since gigs start at 5$, and there are simple stuff that i can do for 5$… i cannot increase the base gig price.

Fiverr really needs to have a order gate for buyers where both the buyer and seller can discuss BEFORE going into the order. :slight_smile:


Thanks for such discussion!
This will be very helpful in future work.


I must admit, I also see the problem.

I think it should be optional. Some gigs require some sort of consultation and others don’t. It will not be wise to force all buyers to contact sellers before they purchase.

The core idea behind Fiverr is being able to purchase a product or service seamlessly. If you force all buyers to contact sellers, they will lose a lot of money.

Imagine contacting a seller that has a 5-hour response time, that already eats into the delivery time or deadline.

Imagine having so many messages because everyone has to contact before he or she orders. That will be difficult to keep up with especially when you have a high selling gig.

Most of all, anything that adds to the process of ordering can put off many buyers at the purchase stage. You can liken it to the review process. Too many things were added and this caused a reduction in clients leaving reviews.

In my opinion, this should be optional. For the time being, keep tweaking your gigs to reduce the number of buyers that order without properly reading. Try and understand why and make changes. You probably can’t eliminate it completely because it is always bound to happen (even when the buyer discusses with you) but you can at least reduce it.

My 1 cent or should I say 1 Kobo :slight_smile:


i would have loved to suggest that not all cancellations should count against the seller.

Here is why…

At the resolution center, you are asked the reason for cancellation. (I really do not know whether buyers are asked same questions)

But if buyers are asked the same questions, and both answer are - “buyer orders services not on offee” , that kind of cancellation should not against the seller.


I think this point also have some negative impact on customer as some customer may also think that this isn’t a perfect person to assign work as he/she is asking before the order. So, that customer may think that the seller isn’t full confident about his/her gig.

I’m new on fiverr so may be I’m wrong!


If I were a buyer, for instance, I would wanna be certain the guy handling my project truly knows his onions.

I would wanna be sure he didn’t just “copy and paste” his gig description.

I would wanna be sure he will not cost me my time.

Even if I am spending 6 dollars, every cent counts.


Thing is, the charges on here are ridiculously cheap. If that’s been taken care of, is it too much for a buyer to put just a sentence forward, double-checking ?

Talking about response time, I guess that’s why there are many sellers around. It’s better to wait and get thing inorder than to be hasty and miss deadline.

My thoughts though.

Thanks for your contribution.


Because every project has different requirement, different level of commitment, so if send a message before ordering the Gig and discuss the nature of the job, so seller can provide exactly what buyer expecting.


I completely agree with you ! after contact it become more easy to work for both


New user here. I have just placed my first order a few days ago, for a small reading worth a fiver, which was cancelled this morning by the seller without previous communication, that that part (software I guess) on her laptop was not working.
I would not see the need for communication from the buyer (in that case me) beforehand, as I had to fill in a orderform anyway and the seller did not ask to be messaged beforehand. But I was annoyed that the response came so late that she could not do it, I would not have minded at all, if an automated response had come straight away saying "sorry, due to xxxx this order cannot be fulfilled at the moment, please contact again in xx weeks. But to wait for an order and on fulfillment day being messaged that the order is cancelled is not good customer service (I have worked many years in customer service and I think online CS should be as good as in person).

For big orders or creative orders I agree, it is common sense to enquire with the seller beforehand to see if both parties are on the same wavelenght, especially if something is not straight forward, before you part with your money.

I want to become a seller in future, and I would be hyper annoyed if people kept pestering me with messages if everything is perfectly clear outlined on the gig.


yes i agree some buyers directly places order without discussing and in my gig of website development its really important that customers should discuss the requirements as end results will be what they expected
i’ve also written in my gig description that "before placing order discuss project "

so now customers discuss project before they place order and they are happy with work after delivery :slight_smile:


Not only for big orders. BUT you must discuss prior every and any order. What if the seller cannot provide the required project within the requested time ? what if the ordered amount of budget is way below the actual project cost ? and what if the seller actually doesn’t work with the kind of project the buyer had ordered for ?

So i always suggest to ALL buyers… please discuss with the seller no matter what the project is.


It is about the best thing a buyer can do for him/herself when ordering here on fiverr. What most don’t know is that, there are people here claiming to be sellers who are actually not. how else will a genuine seller know this people - it is by chatting them up. find out if they know what you are talking about.