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Why Buyers MUST contact seller before ordering


I agree with your point of view


I agree with you. But here is the issue. Some gig descriptions are super clear as to what the seller is offering. Yet, you see some buyers place order, then ask you to add something you didnt mention in your order. When you remind them that will cost extra because it is not in the description of what you offer for that package, they come up with …“sorry, i have to cancel because the work is incomplete without it”

Meanwhile, if the said buyer had contacted the buyer to discuss what s/he wanted, that could have been averted so quickly.


It’s better if fiverr can consider about this completion rate thing… We can’t cancel orders because of this…have to work on the project anyway.I’m fed up with this… We can control everything without this… :frowning: I wish if buyers can send a message before ordering…


I honestly do think more can be done by fiverr in the aspect of completion rate or order cancellation rate.

Sometimes, it is totally beyond the control of the seller. Yet, S/he suffers it when order gets cancelled for no fault of hers.

Something can be done…should be done.


Hmmmmmmm… True


See, this is one of my main points. It may be a 500$ gig a buyer has ordered without discussing anything. but what if we really cant do it ( because of any possible reason) ?


Yes, flomaestro, I agree. The point here is responsibility. I guess you can not expect that everyone, buyer or seller, has enough common sense and takes responsiblity for their actions (working in school I see that every single day). I have taken in school to make my expectations hyper-hyper clear including to ASK if somnething is not clear.
So maybe every seller who wants to be messaged should have a comment stating that on their gig. Then there can’t be any discussion.
I for exampled placed my second little order this morning which is due in 5 days and got a few hours later an acknowledgement email from the seller, also noting if any changes or extras are wanted to contact beforehand.
I was very impressed with her clear communication.
If just everyone would behave like that…


Very useful article. How to impress seller?


I worked in a usability testing company for more than 2 years and learnt that you can’t control people’s actions, you can only try to direct them or help them to make a certain decision. Anything that is stressful or requires an additional step puts a lot of people off. I am not trying to justify those actions but simply stating the reality.

Like I said, hopefully, it is optional.


Please contact sellers before placing an order and ask questions (hopefully you will receive an honest answer). I’m pretty much done with Fiverr. I ordered a few marketing videos that I can’t even use on Facebook. It seems like sellers can set up shop and just sell whatever they want without doing research or having knowledge on the product or service they are offering. I’ve wasted a lot of money only to end up with products I can’t use or are low quality. And these sellers are Top Rated!


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Good question right here…


So sorry about your experiences on fiverr. There are real professionals on here though.


You are right my friend…very right


Apologies for this. There are a lot of professionals on Fiverr but sometimes it takes a bit of research. I understand how frustrating it is and hope you will give it another shot.

I think one major problem with the video category is, some buyers do not know the difference between sellers that produce videos with templates and the ones that create custom videos.

You are limited to the templates in your library, but with a custom video, you have a limitless possibility.


I agree with your complement :slight_smile:


Agreed. Buyers MUST Contact Seller before ordering. I always mention that in my gig though. But most buyers don’t read gig completely.


I like the buyer those give direct order


yes you are right. Nice information you shared. After contact it became more easy to work for both.


One of the main things that came out of this discussion is that there needs to be a fiverr function where an order can be cancelled on mutual agreement without any penalty for seller or buyer.

Sellers are living in fear of having to cancel those $5 orders which are incorrectly made or ‘on a whim’.

It’s not healthy to work like this and it doesn’t contribute to a positive working environment on this platform. Does anyone know why it still works like this?