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Why Buyers MUST contact seller before ordering


well said :neutral_face:


I am compleatelly agree with you. You are absolutely right dear


Sellers also offer custom works such as video editing, photo retouching, character animation, some designing work etc. Unfortunatelly there is not a category for custom works yet. It will be better to show gig if it is a custom work without curtent price and delivery time (maybe avarege price and time)


You have just made an amazing summary of this thread. TBH, I do not know why the system is like that.


I absolutely agree with your view


I totally agree with you! well said.


i have silent buyer… placed order without say anything…
so i did by suggestion…
after i deliver order…my lucky…he liked my job.
just lucky…
if all buyer like this i’ll be confused…

SELLER: make your gig description clear.
BUYER : Read carefully


I keep seeing this demand, “contact seller before ordering,” but that’s not the way Fiverr was designed.

If I search, click on a gig, I see “Proceed to Order” first, then “Contact Me” under the seller’s name.

This is why you can’t expect buyers to always contact you. If Fiverr ever changes the mechanics so buyers see “Contact Me” instead of proceed to order, then you’ll get your wish.

Until then, you have to be ready to serve your clients. If you really want them to contact you first, then raise your prices to the most expensive levels and then disclose your real prices in the gig description. The only drawback with this is that seeing high prices is the search results might discourage people from clicking on your gigs.


Agree with you :+1: We provide non-physical service. That means there should be communication. Communication means spending more time.

Fiverr has set up a platform and promised quick and cheap services. Fiverr called us “seller” as if we were selling physical goods.

Selling physical goods is always quick. The price and attribute of the goods are certain. So we do not think too much to buy. Just decide and buy.

However, As time goes by, buyers want more. So sellers offer custom works which is contrary to the architecture of the system.

I hope that in the future an update will come for custom works. :slight_smile:


The only communication I give is the gig description, I hate waking up to this:

“Are u online? I am looking for some captions for our company. Is it possible for you to do in next 5 hours? Lemme know if interested.”

“Hello, I’m interested in your service to invent the brand name of our aerosol spray products.”

I don’t know why they didn’t go ahead and order. Most of my clients go ahead and order.

I guess buyers message for the following reasons.

  1. They want to make sure the seller is responsive
  2. They think they need permission to order
  3. They don’t feel comfortable ordering right away

I would encourage the buyers to read the gig description. If you’re not being asked to contact the seller, if you don’t have questions, then just order.

I’ll be polite with them either way. As my life coach taught me, “you can’t control what happens, you can control how you react to it.”


They send messages even everything is clear. They do not send messages when you offer custom work. :slight_smile:


Have had 5 mistake orders this month, still am at new level seller due to other peoples mistakes, fiverr can be doing so much more to help sellers, the level system is very flawed but of course they wont listen…


I love when my buyers contact me, as it is a way to build a relationship with them. So far this week - 80% of my orders have come from buyers who have purchased previously - 2 of them not since 2016. They now need updates to their previous work and because I took the little bit of extra time to communicate with them, they came back to me, rather than find a new seller.

Sure you can pump your orders out with minimal communication if that is your preference, but I’d prefer to build long lasting customer relationships. I don’t demand buyers contact me first - as some don’t want to, but welcome those that do. I think it makes an all-around better experience for everyone.


Completely agree with this, communication is critical for any business


That’s the one thing I love about custom offers. The buyer is forced to accept it or ignore it, but he must make a decision.


Btw, i have 20 gigs. For 19 of them, buyers do not need to contact me. Everything is written detailly in each gig page.

However, i also offer a custom video editing sevice. For this gig, buyers should contact me before place order so i can give exact delivery time and price.

Fiverr is not design for my this custom gig. I hope there should be an update for future for such services. Maybe price wont be written or contact button instead of place order button.


I had dropped from 100% ratings before, largely due to wrong orders. They just kept coming.

It disturbed me to the extent I was thinking it could be a sabotage by another seller somewhere even though I knew it was not true.

That’s how I felt at the time. Wrong orders are the most painful. And it could have been avoided if the buyer had asked questions…


I agree with you 10000000%


I believe if your gig description is comprehensive enough, the buyer can go ahead and place an order.

But a case of bypass can take place when reading the gig description.

If you read and understand the description as well as the price, please place an order.

If not, please contact me with any questions.

It’s that simple.

I do believe my gig description might not be comprehensive enough for everyone, that’s one of the main reasons a buyer should contact me first.

Also to know if we deem fit.


Totally agree, at least if the gigs info say - contact first. That’s ok if buyers order something that fits standard gig conditions, but there often buyers need something different that can be only discussed and agreed, including difference in prices and timing.