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Why Buyers MUST contact seller before ordering


I also agree with the above said. If a gig description clearly states that " you get this for this much" and the buyer just specifically wants that, there are no issues at all. I have gone through more than 100 order cancellations throughout 2013 to today because of some buyers ordering before discussing and later cancelling the order telling that the actual cost was too much after i had

After all, what person goes to a shop and blindly purchases some random stuff, hoping that those would fit into the buidget at the check out!? i would categorize the buyers who discuss prior ordering as the light side. and the ones who doesnt as the dark side.



Although that might be true, Fiverr allows different types of gigs that do require communication beforehand. It then makes sense to request a message.

I think one of the issues on the topic of messaging a seller before ordering is that each seller is (obviously) selling something different. Some gigs require minimal communication, just a “here is what I need, go at it” versus a gig that requires a lot of communication like a “I want such-and-such a thing” and “hm, that doesn’t look right”. The latter requires a back and forth dialogue between the seller and the buyer.

Personally, I request that the buyer contact me first because all my gigs are art-related. I want to make sure that the image I create is tailored close to the Client’s vision as much as possible. I try to keep open communication and ask for feedback during the whole process.

I think that Fiverr should then create an option where the only way to purchase from the seller is to message them first. It could be an option you toggle on and off.


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That’s my point. The fact that such option doesn’t exist means you’re going to get orders you don’t want, unless your prices are too high which means buyers are less likely to message you, except for hagglers.

Pre-order communication is often annoying, suppose I’m in bed, ready to go to sleep, and someone messages me 5 minutes ago. How will he feel if I respond 8 hours later? But if he orders right away, and I don’t have questions, maybe I’ll be able to deliver the order that very day.


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Hi guys, good day to you. For me personally I love with a buyer contacts me before ordering. Why? Because I feel its best to have a conversation to truly understand the buyers needs so that I can deliver exactly what they desire. Sometimes in a conversation with a buyer I find that what they desire becomes even clearer to them and inst that why we offer our services to ensure that our clients gets the best result for there money? Remember no clients means no business. Have a great day.


I completely agree with you:smile:


its helpful for both buyer and seller and let then come to know about each other demands an its make the project easy for both


My experience as a buyer has shown that it is best to message a seller prior to ordering. Of course there is a delay but you are saving yourself from unpleasant surprises.

Some time ago I needed to buy some simple gigs from a few models. I was in a hurry so I just read gig descriptions and reviews and ordered without messaging first. Two sellers never delivered or replied. So after the cancellation I was left not only with delay in my project but also with some dollars in my Fiverr balance that I was not allowed to withdraw, but only use for future purchases.

This is not a tragedy of course, but it was not a pleasure. Since then I always message. Hopefully the sellers don’t get annoyed :slight_smile:


For better negotiation. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::two_men_holding_hands:


Awesome post to avoid any dispute between buyer and seller.


You make some really great points! A buyer can only benefit from messaging a seller. Having both parties on the same page is a great thing to have!


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yes you are also right in your saying


As a seller, I don’t mind one or two questions, but it’s really annoying when I’m asked about prices, or what happens if they don’t like my work.

I told him I don’t like to work for free (that happens when you refund). This what his response:

“no one works for free, it is a question anyone would ask, what is your protocol if the names are not what we are looking for? Do you help revise them, or you charge for next round, but thank you I got my answer no wonder why you on fiverr selling your self.”

I am this close to blocking him. He hasn’t even ordered and is already insulting me: “no wonder why you on fiverr selling your self.”

I’m selling my talents! Buyers are so annoying sometimes.


Lots of different opinions but definitely a good topic to discuss on


its 100% true , i agree with you


Wow! Thanks for share with us a great topic! And again, Thanks :slight_smile:


This is absolutely important. Especially with my voice overs, making sure they know exactly what to expect is vital to getting them a quality product


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