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Why Buyers MUST contact seller before ordering


This is one of the biggest headaches for sellers.
Some people order gigs like they purchase retail goods on amazon.
I have mention in all of my gigs for buyers to contact me before ordering,
but still I get orders from people without contacting. That means there
are buyers who order gigs just based on cover image and title.
Very sad. Fiverr should give an option for buyers to accept or reject
order based on their availability and relevance of the task.


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1- Most of the buyers check that you are availableb or not
2- Some of buyers want custom things with some unique ideas
3- Some of just compare price with 1 gig to another
4- Some of just wasting time and contact us :sob:

As a Wordpress Developer most of the client wants some weird things on there website or just have to confirm that i can do that or not :yum:
I am enjoying when they ask me can i do this or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I will show my portfolio and tell him/her accept my custom offer and take rest :star_struck:


I totally agree with your post. :slight_smile:


Buyers don’t have to contact you, or ask for permission to order 24/hour delivery.

If you’re angry that Fiverr punishes you for refunding orders, that’s another issue, but it’s not the buyers fault.

To me this is no different than eBay or Amazon, I see something I like, I’m going to place an order. The only exception is if I have questions and doubts.

If you’re not on vacation, if your gig is live, then you’re available. That’s what sellers need to understand.

That’s true, and maybe someday Fiverr will give us the option to refund orders without penalty. That’s how Fiverr used to be in the good all days, there was no ridiculous order completion rate standard.

Now things have changed, it’s the same with the “blind review system” that forces us to write “thank you for your order” unless we know that the buyer was a jerk and very likely to give a bad review.


When i comes to Fiverr i noticed it strange that sellers just offering a small segment of their expertise in form of gig … and buyers purchase it if that match their need … in this way buyers totally ignore other traits and skills a seller have … Obviously!!! it’s not standard way of hiring a worker where employer shares all details about his project even the company background and sometime personal like and dislikes … So the essential part form where ones creativity starts is missing here… Most of seller perform in standard way and they can customize their services according to client needs but they are bound to offer only a small piece of services in shape of GIG :smiley: Unfortunately we can not change Fiverr’s working environment and system but we must find some way to force buyer to come to chat before getting order … But i guess on fiverr buyer also do not have this tradition and they don’t bother to talk much … :smile::smile::smile::smile::thinking: My conclusion is that Fiverr is more likely based on Buying and Selling concept rather Hiring best talent and get most of it!!!


I agree, at least partially. Fiverr should allow more options/customization of gigs so they can be better for what the client needs and also their source content. So that will involve more specific pricing. They should also allow more gigs per level, as well as options to only have gigs for offers (eg. for buyer requests or in response to a buyer’s message/custom offer request. Allowing a lot more gigs with a lot more customization would make better use of a seller’s skills.

If you put a “please contact before ordering” in the description of a gig where you need it/need it most, most potential buyers of the gig (though not all) will contact you first. Though doing that isn’t a substitute for a proper accept/reject option on gigs that need it, but it will help.


Thank you uk1000 for your suggestions … yes i personally like and use to discuss with client before starting work on a project regardless project is small or big … I would defiantly try to put “Please contact before ordering” and let see what response i get … or otherwise i have to sink with Fiverr system …In fact i am working as freelancer for more than 5 years but i was using different site where i did hundreds of project most of them were big ones and yes off course small one too … but i never get a project unless it talk to client first … Let see who compromise with whom ??? :thinking::smile::smile::stuck_out_tongue:


I only hope buyers read this. I just cancelled an order because a buyer did not contact me before placing an order. Maybe Fiverr’s dev guys should place this as a hint before the buyer completes the transaction.


Nice piece @flomaestro

I totally agree with you. This is because, in the real life (offline) shopping :shopping_cart: and business outfit, when you want to make a purchase, you MUST make contact (one-on-one) or otherwise in order to make clarifications and by extension, payment when satisfied about the product you are ordering or paying for.

Likewise on Fiverr, I see nothing wrong with asking questions or contacting a seller before ordering a gig, because, the seller may be unavailable or unable to work :hammer_and_pick: on such order at that point in time.

Thanks Flo, I love this post.


Yes i agreed and prefer to work exactly you do! Long run Good working relations helps to understand client more accurately … and every next project with same client takes less time and it’s more according to client wishes… I am working with some clients for a long time in start they had to spend lots of time to in communication and explaining things to me … but now they just ask me to do it and i know how to do it and what they need exactly … it’s good for me as i have repeated order without spending time on new client search and it good for my clients as well as they don’t have to find a trustworthy worker every time they need on short notice… :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for your valuable post.


Yes, this discuss very important a good buyer.


well said :heart_eyes:


Thanks for sharing this info.


To be sure to deliver exactly what the buyer need I need to ask few questions before he or she place an order, this will make sure that both agree on the gig cost and most importantly that i I’m 100% sure to deliver quality work so we both be happy.


Gig marketing! Without spamming!


I may agree with you on some points but other then that i think is all personal preference and depends on the type of work you are selling , if i’m selling emails ok you’ll get an email , but if some graphic designer is doing a logo for a company and the buyer tells nothing about what he needs he will get a logo that might not fit his/her business , we for example do photography and we have to know what someone has in mind for a certain type of job , and even with that we got a 4 star review … you guys have no clue what the hell happened , can’t imagine without a message


There is no doubt that contacting a seller before ordering will ensure a healthy and friendly deal.


Either situation requires a little imagination. Sometimes I just get a web link, and have to create an e-mail out of that. I think the same can be done for logos, although you can always ask your client for examples of logos he likes, if applicable. I think non-graphic designers struggle expressing themselves visually.

The blind review system is frustrating. One thing I did the other day was write this: “If you are not happy with my work, you are entitled to one free revision. Please use the modification button.” Of course, while this might prevent a bad review, anything can happen later on.