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Why Buyers MUST contact seller before ordering

Yes , agree with that , but sometimes even with messages there are still problems , check out what happened to me here ( Dear buyer , i think you are confused ) , but on the other hand we had great experiences with buyers that bought a gig without sending a message , of course we spoken about it later , but it just depends , that’s what i think , i personally prefer to see a message before someone buying a gig or demanding for something that it’s completely unrelated to that gig , like someone buying a 10 USD gig and needing a complete shoot with a whole team of photographers , models , cars and so on ahah . Anyways i think that the idea got trough ahaha


Hello. I have done some orders without buyer contact me first but fortunately these orders went really good. But i also believe contact before order is really important. Both seller and buyer have a better and clear vision for the project. You can also add this to your description (something like: please feel free to contact me before the order).

Maria S.

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Hello. I create illustrations and it happens to me time after time that buyer places an order without reading my gig’s conditions and contacting me first. He orders the cheapest package for 5 dollars and wants me create a big illustration that cost more that 150 dollars in my gig. Surely he doesn’t want to pay more and I have to cancel such order. Then my completion rating falls.

I have a big note in my profile and my gig’s description that buyer needs to contact me BEFORE purchasing.

I think this system is absolutely unfair to the seller. And this is a good way to ruin your competitors’ career on Fiverr:rofl:. Just order something from them and then don’t reply. The Support has no solution for the seller in this situation.


Awesome bro ! <3 <3 <3 <3

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@jenihiggs I agree with you.

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I completely agree with you and I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with those clients.

Do you have a video for your gig in which you explain that you require approval before a purchase and why? I did that on top of putting written notes in the description about it and I found it really reduced the incidence of orders without prior approval. I think part of the reason the video message worked because I made it clear to the buyer that the value they get out of their order depends on its suitability for their niche, goals, etc.

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Well said… I personal prefer buyers to order gigs without contacting since I have all requirements and order specifications highlighted on my gig profile


Thank You dear Sir…

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I agree with you.

While I want the buyer to feel comfortable contacting me beforehand if they have any questions, I don’t want to mandate they do so prior to ordering.

So helpful post and buyer should maintain the instructions .


I think scheduling the order queue could work for you!

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Absolutely right!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of this, I have achieved much knowledge.

Its really good tips ! but many sellers do not provide good support ! So, buyers need to be sure that the seller communication is good and clear. Buyers should be clear about all the question answer on the gigs. Then you can choice a seller.

I think it is good opportunity for new seller or buyer. also I am new to here and freelancing work. so both can understand clearly what they need to do using this option.:grinning::grinning:

Hello everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:I am fully agree that buyers should speak with seller before ordering. In my case, for example, before starting photo editing, I need to understand which result buyer would like to see - colours, lights, skin cleaning etc. If we speak before - we will avoid misunderstandings and the process with result will bring only pleasure. Have a good evening.:rose: