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Why buyers request are changing into sellers requesting for the orders can anybody tell me

I want to know why some sellers are posting in the buyers request asking them to order

Please stop this crap

can we complain to the support regarding this

we already complained about it, I can t currently find a topic on it, hence forum changed… but obviously nothing changed… this is how my buyers requests looks today-…

Yup an option like report this request would be helpful for us ’ seller ’ And I don’t really understand why they post request because as everybody knows only sellers are checking the buyer’s requests section if I’m buyer I wouldn’t bother myself with browsing in the buyers request section, Instead I would simply create a new request and it’s done.

I think it’s a language barrier for many people. Not everyone knows English grammar well, and the way other languages are written, I think some people thing buyers request means, make a request to get buyers, they flip it around. Different languages do things differently.

Though there are some spammers of course, I think a number are for that reason.

I don t think it is language issue, English is not my native and I still understand just from way site is structured that I can t advertise myself among buyers requests. Funny thing is, many of those sellers actually have like number of people applied to their request, now that probably is language issue.

Fiverr should check this thing, because the new sellers making the buyer request complicated.

Nowadays I can only see the sellers posting there to get order from the buyers!

Buyer request becoming useless day by day because of those over-smart sellers, they think they’ll get more jobs to do this thing.

Please fiverr fix it soon.

The seller that are posting in buyer request to attracting buyers! these type of seller are doing spamming and wastage of time. They dont even know that buyers don’t go to buyer requests sections, and spouse if they go they can’t respond a request because they are buyer and dont have an active gig. If its necessary to have an active gig related to the service for you are going to respond. Sellers Should stop posting in buyer request section.

Yeah, that’s been that way for a LONG time. They really need a moderator on there.
That’s one of the reasons, as a seller, I don’t use that part of Fiverr. I think it’s been a year since I’ve even looked at the request page and it was all spam back then too.

Note to Sherrif: Perhaps this should be in ranting pot or suggestion box?

Tell customer service. But do so in as nice a way as possible.

The tone of:
“Hello, I’d like to tell you about my recent experience using your site’s buyer request feature and thought that perhaps you would be interested in some feedback about the overall experience from an average user.”

Will make much more of a positive impression than:
“Please stop this crap”

Reply to @liquidlettuce: but for new sellers like me buyers request is so much important

we get 1or 2 sales from there in 10-12 days

what should we do