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Why buyers requests are not related to my gigs or skills


I am getting buyers request but not related to my gigs or skills, whats the reason ? this is happening from last two days. I am graphics designer and getting requests completely different as for civil engineer etc


I think one of your gig you have put in Graphics Category ----> Other …
So in other category you will see a lot of request that is not related to your gig nor skill.
So here client make a different request that is not fall at any category of Graphics …


yea , i think so ,thank you :slight_smile:


It’s a common problem. there are many buyer who post request on wrong category. BTW buyer request depends on Skills set on your fiverr account and category of gig posted.


Please check the categories, skills and tags on your gig. And sometimes, it is the buyer who makes things complex, he posts in the wrong category. Will be ok soon I guess


Thank you @arafatjamil01


I think the problem is you have added a skills which have sub category of others.
Because on others category all those buyer who are unaware of Fiverr working or they have job which is not categorized on Fiverr. That’s why you see buyer requests of different catagorise


Thank you so much .that was my start on fiver, now I know almost everything about fiver :slight_smile:


well wishes are with you,I am new on fiverr


Thank you so much .good luck you too