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Why buyers won't review?

I keep running into buyers who are very chatty when they’re specifically requesting details, or changes or revisions. They all seem very nice. For revisions, I often get something like, “Hey this is great! But can you change this little thing?” So I go ahead and do what they ask, redeliver the project, and then they disappear.

No review, no rating, no communication. 3 days later I get a notification that the order was automatically marked completed.

I’ve done like 4 or 5 orders in June and I only have 1 review. It’s not helping me.


You’re not the only one. :slight_smile: It might be a good idea to create some kind of incentive for buyers leaving reviews. Like, leave 10 reviews to get 10% discount on your next purchase - yay! And we would see much more reviews. More reviews, more transparency, more attractive marketplace, sellers getting a push.

EDIT: Just so you know, I meant by Fiverr giving the incentive to buyers, not sellers. Cause that would go against ToS, and it’s just a thought.


Can a buyer leave more than 1 review?

No, only one on one order. He can leave a second only if he orders again.

Check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page so you will know the rules from the perspective of both buyers and sellers.

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If everyone did that, then what would be the point of the forums?

Everyone should do that because that is what you sign up to when you join Fiverr and a violation can risk your account.


Read them at first, and then ask if you didn’t got something! We shouldn’t duplicate them to any user again and again, there are thousands like you!

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directly asking review to your buyers is against of fiverr terms and conditions

Actually, it is against Fiverr’s rules to offer any sort of incentive to gain reviews. If Fiverr found out that you – or anyone else – was doing this, they could take action against your account. They have already done so to other seller accounts.

If a buyer chooses to leave a review, that’s great. if not, don’t worry about it. Move on to the next order, and deliver more great work that had the potential to earn volunteer reviews.


I just edited my post. I meant Fiverr giving the incentive, not sellers. And it’s just a thought.

It’s a fair thought… but still very much against the rules. :wink:


Buyers are busy people. Often, when they get their stuff, they need it to get back to their project. Reviews are a courtesy, but optional. After many years I’ve adopted the attitude “No news is good news” ie No review=happy customer.


You’re probably right, but I don’t know exactly what rule it would break. I was just thinking about an incentive that would increase a number of reviewed orders, whether they were positive or negative, it doesn’t matter.
And initiated by Fiverr alone, of course.

It was a joke, of course you should read the terms.

“whether they were positive or negative, it doesn’t matter.”

I think you are the first person I’ve ever heard say this. As a single negative review can absolutely ruin a seller with slower sales. (as in put them out of business)

I sometimes wonder if once and a while, buyers are being kind to sellers by not leaving negative reviews. If they are thinking “Well, that’s not really what I wanted, but they did do a good job.” they might just quietly move-on so as not to hurt the seller. (Just a theory)


I highly doubt that. Although a valid theory. I believe that if someone wishes to leave a negative review, they definitely would and we usually see much more positives than negatives. If you get only one negative on 1000 positives, then it doesn’t matter much, now does it? But I’m just speculating.

You’re in the minority, with 1000+ reviews. What about the majority of users who get 1-10 orders a month?


If a seller has low volume of sales a month - it happens, and they get a single 4 star review it can be enough t bring them below the 4.8 needed to keep their level, so yes, one seemingly positive, never mind negative review can be enough to damage a seller.


I got one negative review when I had only about few orders, but that didn’t stop me, I kept going. It is imperative to keep a positive spirit at all times.