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Why call me Honey?

Why call me Honey?
Of course this is not a dating site

We get honey, friend, my personal favorite is “dear.”

I know the person who messages me is trying to be nice ( I think ) but every time I get a
message saying “Hi dear,” I cringe…

I’ve had people call me “bro” and personally I don’t mind, same thing with “friend,” ONLY after working on several gigs with that person and I feel like we have built a certain level of trust.

It makes my skin crawl when someone calls me “dear”. It’s my clue to not work with them.

That’s funny. Calling you bro and you are a lady. I also get “dear” but this is my first time to get honey.


I call male clients of my age “bro”…is that okay? They call me “buddy” , “bro” as well. Older clients, those in their 50s or 60s, I call them “Sir”. For women, just “Hi”…

Of course, only after I get to know them well.

If they are Indian, it doesn’t take me long to call them “bro”, especially on the forum…

I am called “dude” sometimes even though they know I’m female.

I don’t care what they call me as long as they pay me!

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Awesome answer :slight_smile:

Thank you sir.

I like your answer too.


Different cultures use different phrases.
I find that “Dear” seems to be used mainly by Indian and Pakistani sellers/buyers and it is definitely meant as a term of respect/endearment. Unfortunately it doesn’t come across that way.
“Honey”, I imagine, is something similar.
Personally, I tend to use the buyer/seller’s name, rather than bro, dude or honey. I can’t imagine ever using those in an offline business relationship so I don’t use them online either.
I sign off my messages with “Eoin”, which is my name and this generally leads to them using my name and signing off with their real first name too.

That’s great explanation Eoin.