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Why can a buyer accidentally accept an order from me but then he cancelled the order?

The buyer has contacted me three months ago, and he wasn’t satisfied with my work, I was very busy and told him maybe he should find someone else, and then today he suddenly bought me an order, and then said he got the wrong designer and want to cancel the order. That really affects my rating. How can that happen and How can that be my fault that my rating is going down?! :expressionless:

That is very annoying and I don’t think there is anything you can do to rememdy what has happened but I have had 1 or 2 clients who turned out to be a nightmare to work with and you can block a client after the order is complete so they can not purchase from you again. I have blocked one or two rude clients. Try this for the future. When you go to block them there is a “Bad Past Experience” box you can tick.


Can you ask support? If they see that this is probably “ops, pressed on the wrong seller” they may let it go.

That is good news about the block bad clients box.

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Thanks, you are really nice to offer me that tip.

Yeah…I should try to contact them.