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Why can a customer ask for endless revisions?

Why is this happening - My order indicated that the buyer has one revision. But it can request more revisions. This is especially annoying when he asks for revisions about what was NOT in the order. At the same time, he does not buy revisions, but receives them for free.Who had experience with this? And what should I do in this case?


I knew about it but do not have enough knowledge about it.

I am also looking for the answer?

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yes, I still don’t understand how it works. I tried to see the point where I can close the order ahead of schedule, if the delivery is ready, but the buyer asks again and again to add something that is not in the order.

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This is a very disgusting thing…

It’s up to you to tell your buyer that he run out of revisions and that he will have to add extra revisions or that you can send him an offer for extra revisions and it will be x$


This is clear. But he silently ALREADY presented me with a demand for a new revision (Especially considering that these are requirements to correct an item that is not in the order). Where did he get it?

They have the option to request a revision regardless of how many are setup in the gig. As @mariashtelle1 already explained it’s up to you whether you charge for the extra revisions or not.

My advice would be to re-send the original delivery and letting them know it’s an additional cost for revisions and then sending the offer for the extra.

@imagination7413 has a great starting point to write from if they’re being difficult.


System doesn’t have a limited amount of revisions for a number of reasons but when your client requests extra revision you are the one who should tell him that he run out of revisions (even though he already requested it) and that it will be extra.


How are my customers able to requests revisions on a gig with revisions disabled :thinking:

This is what this revision looks like.

Any revision looks like that and you still should guide your client on how many revisions you have included and that he has to pay extra.

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“Why can a customer ask for endless revisions” - because you let him.

This should only happen if you have granted him UNLIMITED REVISIONS.
You should clarify that in the offer he accepted or in your gig package, you indicated only one revision for the order (I suggest to offer at least 2 or 3 next time). Tell him/her that if he/she wants more revisions, he/she can get it but with an extra, not for free. Or you could tell your customer that you will grant 3 more free revisions than what originally agreed, but only 3, and after that he/she should pay for it.

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No,They differ. Read carefully what is written in the picture) This is how the revision that was included in the order looks like:

Look, I’ve been seeing this revisions for over 3 years and I’m not sure how else to tell you that to stop exploiting revisions YOU will have to set boundaries and tell to your client that free included revisions are run out.

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I made THESE restrictions. I made a personal offer that only contained 1 revision. Here’s a screenshot. But at the moment, the client has requested a 2nd revision.

And how looks revision first (It has an inscription - One revision is available to the Buyer.456

And this is how the second revision looks like, which should not be in the order.


That’s not a restriction. That’s outlining what your offer contains.
We already told you that the system doesn’t have a “stop” button for certain amount of revisions. After your client run out of revisions that you offered in your gig and requested an extra one YOU should tell him that any further revisions will be an extra.

I really feel like I keep repeating myself and you keep replying absolutely the same thing. :woman_shrugging:


When you create an offer, you choose how many revisions you’d like to apply to the order. It could be zero, or one, or ten, or unlimited. The system will count down the revisions left, each time your client requests a revision.

However (and this is a big however), there is an underlying feature of the Fiverr system, which you’re currently experiencing. The Fiverr system WILL NOT automatically close an order once those revisions are used up. The client still has to do this themselves. They’re presented with two buttons. One basically says ‘I’m happy to mark this order as complete’, the other says ‘I’m not happy, and would like to request changes’. These buttons always exist, no matter what, even if you say “No Revisions” (like we do in our Voice Over gig).

Is this annoying? Yes, absolutely. But I can kind of see it from Fiverr’s perspective. They can’t force someone to accept work they’re not happy with.

What @mariashtelle1 is explaining to you, is that once all of the revisions have been used up, the responsibility is with you to explain this to your client. That they’ve used up all of the included revisions, and that any more revisions will cost $___.

This still isn’t foolproof, as the client might refuse your offer, but STILL insist on revisions. You’re then faced with either getting into an argument with the client, or offering them a refund and walking away from the project.

This isn’t a great system. It would be so much better for Sellers if Fiverr automatically, closed orders, once the agreed revisions had been used, but they won’t do this. Unfortunately, you have three options now;

  1. Stand your ground, and name your price for a revision.
  2. Refuse to offer any more revisions, paid or otherwise, and hope the client accepts your work.
  3. Cancel the order and walk away.

(I would go for option 1).


yes, we go in circles. This is not a description of my particular gig. This is a personal offer for this client. When you create it, you set the parameters - how many shapes you will draw, color drawing or not, high resolution or not. One of these parameters is the number of revisions. I have set the number of revisions for this particular proposal - 1. For some reason, I filled out the entire form of a personal offer, where I indicated everything that is included in the price.

Yes. And I choose - 1.

Did you actually read my post?

I’m guessing not. I can’t force you to read it, but I’d strongly suggest you do. It explains everything.