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Why can I only add 3 gig images? Even many non-pro sellers have more than 3?

I’ve started to set-up a gig but I it looks like I can only upload three images of my work. Most people have more than this, even non-pro’s??

In every Gig you can add only 3 images always, 1 video and the last two fields are for PDF actually that look like image on the profile. So what you can do is convert 2 of your images into PDF (make sure the PDF is less than 50mb in size) and then you can upload those in the last two slots of your Gig gallery :slight_smile:

If you are talking about more in their images section, that is because they have the gallery turned on. With that, be sure when you complete the order you attach a video or picture along with it. If your buyer allows, it will show up as an additional item on your gig.

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