Why can I only make 1 gig


why cant I make more than 1 gig?
I have no option to create a new gig.


Yes, gig must be created.


Try asking Customer Support?


Do you have paused gigs. They count towards the number of gigs you can make. If not then do as @somaginer1996 said and contact CS.



As a new Seller, you can create up to (7) gigs.


Do you see the green create a new gig button?


cant you see this option ? click on plus sign



Click on the icon with your profile picture on the upper right-hand corner, then click on your username. On that page, you should see the gig that you have created as well as the option to create a new gig.


Nope, I dont have a create new gig button on that link :frowning:


Oh, no! Sounds buggy :bug:! Send CS a note. In the meantime try using another browser while you wait for an answer. My fingers are crossed that the issue gets resolved soon.