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Why can not I create any new gig?

I have no gig but I can not create new gig but why ?

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I’m confused, you’re saying you don’t have any gigs but I see you have 3 gigs already? Why, you can’t create a new gig is a mystery as you allowed to place 7 gigs. Is it maybe cos you paused 4 gigs? Check your gigs and if so, you need to delete a gig that you don’t want and start a new gig.

Good luck,
Warmly, Humberto

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Bro!! I think your seller percentage is bellow 70%. Plz, check your profile- Your skill, social media, phone verified etc. Then, try in again. Thank you.:blush::blush:

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But I can not see and why

and how can I see my gig I fell very hesitated

But I can not see 3 gig and paused 4 gigs
How can I see my gigs