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Why Can not i see buyer requests today


Hi Everyone is this only me or you all are facing this problem ?

I can not see any buyer requests today i still have 9 requests remaining today.

Can any experience person answer me this ?

It will so kind of you.



Different sellers see different buyer requests. They are dependent on the sub-category of your gig(s). So what you see will not be the same as someone else who has gigs in some other sub-category. So, you cannot really compare that way.

I can see buyer requests alright… Sometimes you just have to wait and keep checking the buyer requests section as often as you possibly can. With some luck, you might come across a few buyer requests.

The number of BRs shown to you also depends on several other factors. This post might help you understand them better:

Good luck! :snowflake:


@hanshuber16 thanks a lot for your valuable information as i am new on fiverr so i am trying my best to understand it deeply.

You information is so helpful for me thank you again.