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Why can’t I contact someone in customer support

I’m beginning to get a little annoyed at this site. I’ve ordered a gig which not only was about 4 days late but when it did arrive just before the cancellation point it was some poor generic webpage that the guy clearly just threw at me last minute to get passed being cancelled. There is nothing relevant in it to what I ordered.

Anyway, the resolution Centre is pointless, I want to contact Fiverr to explain and have them deal with it but all I can find is the option to ‘ask the seller to cancel’ all the time.

Can someone please explain how I can contact someone so I can finally resolve this matter.

Thank you

If the order is late, you are allow to cancel the order.
And if the final deliver didn’t have what the seller stated in the gig. You are allow to report the seller and get a refund.
Contact the CS that the seller is late and improper (incomplete) deliver with proof

Thank you but I can’t see how you do that. Every option to ‘contact customer support’ just sends me back to contacts the seller and ask them to cancel’

It’s a poor system. I want to speak to someone at fivver either by chat, email or phone ???

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You can contact them via email
Maybe you go to resolution Center , and see if there is contact us.
go to the bottom of the page and find selling on fiverr . And you should able to contact them via email . Good luck