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Why can´t I find Fiverr users?

I’ a new seller and a friend give me some potential buyers names but I can’t find them. Why?

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I am sorry to say but you cannot find the BUYERS which your friend have told you.

What I suggest is you create your gig and those buyers can be referred to your gig and they can buy your gigs from there.

hope this helps…


Thanks a lot!!! this will be useful!

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But how those buyers can be referred to my gig? Are there a way to do it?

There are multiple ways
…one way
is to send them to your gig link from social media

Buyers cannot be contacted unless they are both a seller and a buyer. If they are a buyer only, they do not have a “Contact Me” button. Fiverr makes it that way, so buyers will not be bothered by sellers begging for orders.