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Why can`t I find my gig in search

Hello) I am new here and I cant understand how a searching system works. This is my gig, there are not so many people who translate into these languages. Despite that fact, I cant find my gig.

Just wait and improve your gig so that it can be ranked on fiverr search engine. I believe you are expecting this too early

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I have just changed my search tags,maybe it will also help

Yeah… Use better search tags, ones that appears in the fiverr search bars, maybe more generic ones

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Following, I have also changed in tags and its gone from search.

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I can`t still find(what else can be the reason ?

First create a gig for each translation:
Gig1: I will translate English to Russian professionally
Gig2: I will translate German to Russian manually
Gig3: I will translate English to Ukrainian perfectly
Gig4: I will translate German to Ukrainian

The next step you can get tags from her:

Note: when you edit your gig it takes from 24 to 48 hour to appear again on the search results.

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