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Why cancel my customer orders?

I got an email told me:

Your order with XXXXX was cancelled by our customer service team. To review the reason for this cancellation, click here.

The funds from this order were returned to the buyer.

I am working on the order and I almost submit my work, but you team canceled my customer order and I am losing money !

$2XX was gone

I had the same problem last week.
Nothing to do.

Probably a PayPal chargeback. Not much Fiverr can do.

Why fiverr didn’t protect seller’s benefits?

How? It sounds like a PayPal problem. It happens to everyone. You can deduct it on taxes, like a stolen item in a store.

I would love to see a way for sellers to be more protected and maybe in time Fiverr can work out some way with PayPal. If they do through some paid insurance, our commissions might go up for it. I don’t see otherwise how Fiverr could cover losses for every seller on PayPal disputes since Fiverr loses their money too. It would have to be some method that would make Fiverr go bankrupt.