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Why cancel my work?

I did an order and received 5 doller also. after complete that order, buyer also given a message, thanks for my work. but after one month, automatically that order was cancel, I don’t understand why it happened? then I tried to contact that buyer, but I could not contact him.

if it is correct. why reduce my order complete percentage in my profile? actually I completed that order and he accepted and said thanks message also.

Reply to @kjblynx: Absolutely correct answer

Reply to @keawnok: Because the buyer did not complete the order in the end. I’m sorry this happened to you. It has happened to most of us. The buyer most likely did a chargeback or used a stolen identity to pay for the gig. Fiverr had to cancel it, so in your analytics it is as though the whole transaction never happened. Best thing is to be glad it was a low priced order and move on.