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Why cancellations should have zero effect on sellers

simply everyone want to say that fiverr not listning to sellers

I’ve had to cancel orders when someone orders and wants things I don’t offer.

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Alot buyers order by mistake (wrong gig, services we dont offer, change his mind, double orders…)

There are 2 solutions

  1. Option for accept or decline an order
  2. Make it atlest 25%

Earlier when the feature to display stats for order completion, delivered in time and response rate was introduced on fiverr, it was said that it is just For sellers self assessment.
Many times when order was cancelled due to the reason under Senario 1. Support used to tell us sellers that it is for your assessment so you can see how many orders you completed, and these stats do no harm to you or your gig.

We took it as ok that time coz it was not part of our promotion or demotion.
Still was wrong for a seller to suffer a loss in stats coz the buyer placed the order by mistake or didn’t read the description before ordering. These are buyer’s faults not sellers.

As for the conditions today:- these stats have taken a major role in seller promotion and demotion, the lack in the policies should be rectified.
Serious consideration should be taked on how the stats are created and analysed.
Lots of sellers are suffering due to this and lost their batches after years of efforts and providing.

In my opinion the orders cancelled befor the delivery should not harm the seller stats as mostly these cancellation are due to buyer ordering by mistake or placing 5$ order without knowing the service offered under 5$
When a higher quote is provided based on their needs they won’t accept and we are left with no solution but to cancel.

Make sure that your gig descriptions are clear. What you do and what you don’t do.

Have a HUGE disclaimer that buyers should message your first before ordering… Atleast you have atleast 10% for the mistaken orders… And best solution, keep on HUSTLING!

Exactly! Something needs to be done about asking for things you don’t provide. An agreement of some kind, and breaking it would not affect the seller. :thinking:

Can this be raised with admins please? This is the second time that I have had a buyer not read my gig properly and ordered incorrectly. It’s affected my rating and caused me to drop a level each time it’s happened and it’s really frustrating when it’s totally out of my power if they don’t contact me before ordering!

I agree, I have had multiple people order my gigs who don’t read the actual gig info…i’m not even sure if they read the gig title, they just order and i go to review the information and they want me to do a task that has nothing to do with my actual gig. So why should my account be set back because of it. It’s annoying. I’ve also had people order twice…not my fault and i gladly cancel, i just wish we as sellers weren’t affected by it. There could be a way to weed out this issue by fiverr actually reviewing the reason for cancellation.

I totally agree with you.