Why cancellations should not hurt you as a seller. + The hidden rating system!


In my business. (Just guess…)
I have to cancel a lot of orders because there are too many ways for a client to order improperly.
No matter what I ask them to read … or what form they should fill out … We need to cancel orders every week because a client will simply not send in their script because they didn’t have one … Or they didn’t want to pay more for a video that is longer than $5 or something like that… I’ve had to cancel on clients because they wanted a different background or for me to wear different clothes for free… like they are somehow entitled to FREE STUFF …

Safe to say , if cancellations hurt me …
The only way to SAFELY cancel orders is for me to send … 2-6 tickets in to fiverr’s support desk every week. Can you imagine how + why my gigs might be declining if I cancel via the client?

Also did you know that fiverr is now collecting metadata on your cancellations?
When you have to cancel (for whatever reason) the client can now RATE YOU FOR CANCELLING.
So … when I have to urge people to cancel and they are upset about it … how bad is THAT hurting my gig?

It’s safest to send in several tickets a month if you want a more successful business on fiverr.
And that should change. Transparency please fiverr? What hurts / doesnt hurt? Why allow for this kind of process to even take place? When are you going to allow us to just CANCEL orders on clients who order improperly without a risk of hurting our gig?

I dont want to have to ask them to cancel… As a freelancer, I want to flick you out of my life like a booger if I dont want to deal with you. I’m speaking about those people who can’t read or want free stuff.

Rating dropped to 87%

What?! D: That’s ludicrous!

I’m not a fan of how the system works either…


If I need to ask a buyer to cancel at least half the time they go into a total meltdown so I can imagine how they write their private review.


You said “private,” so I’m really hoping that means the review wouldn’t be displayed on your seller profile or count towards your overall gig rating. Maybe it’s just for fiverr’s records? Even then. This is very disappointing.


That is a bit bothersome… If I get a order for sexual content… which I won’t do, and I have clearly stated that in my gig, why be rated (or punished) by canceling the order. It truly would not make sense.


I agree with the OP but before people start worrying about the “private review”, I really don’t think it is a big deal. If Fiverr are actually looking at each private review (I seriously can’t see that being the case) then I am quite sure they will look at the reason for canceling that you have written. Just make it clear and then whatever the private review, even if it is a total buyer meltdown, will be seen as such.
I imagine that the private review is more used for when there is an issue with the seller such as high cancellations or maybe even other issues. If you are not doing anything wrong with your cancellations then it should not be cause for concern as the private review is text based and so requires a human to look at it and decide whether it is a problem or not.


Correct. it’s not shown to you (the seller) …
But what is being done with that meta data?
Is it STILL effecting your rank?

We need transparency. If so , everyone has a legit reason to be upset at the system in that regard.


That’s the thing. Nobody knows, and I believe we should know. That’s all I’m saying. Why such a big secret?

I may not be doing anything wrong , but I get a lot more cancellations than say …
“I can write your name on my chest + send you a picture” gigs… Don’t you think?
If this effects my gig ranking , I should know.


Well, let’s say Fiverr announce that any negative private feedback will affect your gig badly. How long before your competitors make purchases and cancellations to make you drop off the grid?
On the other hand, if they have no effect at all except in the context I mentioned above, will sellers not be bothered about how they deal with buyers and cancellations?
I understand the issues you are having about multiple cancellations and I am sure it is a pain but Fiverr want cancellations to be a last resort as Fiverr potentially lose money and the buyer experience may also suffer as a result. Because of this, I believe they are taking measures to ensure sellers do not exploit cancellations as was done when the review removal cancellation was stopped. As I said, I really doubt there is anything to worry about if you are being reasonable.
There is also the possibility that they are using the feedback in an overall sense, to see the reasons most cancellations are made to work on how they can minimize these by addressing specific issues.
I wouldn’t hold my breath on them announcing anything about it though.


When they do go into a meltdown due to my request to cancel I know I was right to cancel. :slight_smile:

(I wish I could post the long hysterical meltdown I got the other night.)


PM? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I hear you.

Another reason why sellers should be able to cancel an order within 24h of when it was placed.
If I have the option to Accept or Reject an order… this stops money from being transferred from the buyer’s bank to the fiverr platform in the event of a cancellation being necessary…

That should eliminate the “buyer frustration” from all but the most annoying buyers anyway.
I wish fiverr would actually give this a shot. It would save them HUNDREDS of support tickets and HUNDREDS of instances where the buyer won’t get offended…

How upset do you think people would get if they tried to drop $80 on my service and somehow expected that I do them a whiteboard animation video?

(I get asked this CONSTANTLY) Even though NOTHING in my gig or sample videos or intro videos tell anyone that I do animated/cartoon style videos. I mean … really , it’s the sad truth that people either don’t , can’t ,or won’t read. =/ And we shouldn’t be penalized for it for cancelling their orders…especially when we don’t get the choice to accept or reject that order.

Yes there is room for buyer frustration on fiverr for sure.
But there is at least 1 way to solve it a lot of it. =/

((Pretend for a minute))
Buyer buys a gig - but no money goes from the buyer’s bank or card to fiverr yet… Why would they get upset if the seller denied the buyer’s order request with a simple , “No thanks, we can’t do this for that cost but lets talk” or whatever… and proceeded to take it to the inbox to setup a new price?
Nobody… thats the answer. Only the most disturbed business folk would find that disturbing.

But , fiverr’s way?

  • “Client places $20 order… doesn’t read gig… Expects Apples when the seller sells oranges. Gets upset that he was delivered perfect apples.OR They receive a cancellation request from the seller needing to cancel because they don’t tell Apples. --> Solution --> Client leaves a bad rating or hurts the seller by cancelling”

Seller = Unhappy (Couldnt avoid this - they get a cancellation or a bad rating)
Buyer = Unhappy (Didn’t read … money was already taken out the bank regardless… they have to spend it on fiverr now) … Of course they will be unhappy.

This is easy-mode fiverr.
Roll it out on beta tests or something.
If a buyer wants to buy from a seller … they can go through the normal menu on fiverr to do so … and when they click the order now button … instead of money going to the fiverr platform… It simply sends me an e-mail… I’ll get to accept or deny that order with the timer that was started upon the CLIENT placing that order… I can accept/deny it within 24h… If I accept it … the money gets transferred to the fiverr platform in limbo , just as it does now. Simple …Maybe its…
Too Simple


Furthermore , this stops me from having to extent the timer or ask the client to send important things like their script , their logo , etc… etc… etc…

Apply this to YOUR gig… think about it.

Would it be better to accept/deny an order from a buyer within 24h?
Or be left with this system?

Would it make people happier?
Or more frustrated?

How hard would this really be to implement?

Unless I’m missing something … the good outweighs the bad here.


It delays and possibly ends the sale before it starts if that were implemented.

Lots of buyers disappear and do not come back after they hit the BUY button.

Imagine if they had to go through this extra step before they could make the buy.
No other sites pre-qualify buyers as it would kill sales before they start.

Buyers want immediate gratification on the internet and they get that rush when they hit the BUY button and can spend money instantly with one click on a button.


People not reading descriptions has been a consistent pattern. Is the UI/UX to blame perhaps? I definitely wouldn’t give a clean chit to the UI/UX.

Just look at the structure of a typical Fiverr gig page. There is a small order button in the top right sidebar, but no contact button accompanying it, because that happens to be at the bottom of the sidebar for some reason. There is a ‘large description’ section in the left hand side, then there is packages with more confusing descriptions and ‘order’ buttons of their own, then there is a small description again and then the order button.

The problem >> The three main elements of a landing page, the sales copy, the call to action button (sale) and the other call to action (contact button) are located far away from each other.

Basically there are a lot of things scattered all over the place, instead of one below the other like so :

This is what I offer.

This is the timeline of completion.

This is what it will cost you.

This is the information you will need to provide when you place an order

There are 5 order buttons and 1 contact button on the page. (3 packages, and 2 ‘basic gig’ buttons).

Can you really blame the buyers for getting confused?


I agree with the OP. Same problem is with me. There are times the script provided by the buyer is either tricky or controversial to which I am not comfortable to work on. In either case, i go for cancellation. So I also want a system that should not hurt seller by cancelling orders. This is the least Fiverr can do to have something that is in favor of seller.


How come you are “Regular” and I am not???:persevere:


I hear you … but I think people should pay more attention to where their money goes … and more attention to a lot of things in general =/ Here I go trying to change the world again. lol


I agree that the order page for packages is way too confusing.

The layout does not lead naturally to a sale, it is work to decipher it, and makes the reader work to figure it out.

The old layout is natural, easy to read and figure out, and easy to decide to buy from.
You see the picture, the description, and a few options to add on. A monkey could understand it.

IN packages there are three narrow columns, each with a large price in it.
This seems to be the main part of the description because it comes first,
even before any actual description of what the gig is for!

It is saying "No need to see any information about this, just pick one of three prices."
Column A: $10, Column B: $25 and Column C: $40.

Customer says to himself what is this about? I don’t see what it is offering.
Why should I choose any of these three options?

Even just having the one package with the column down the right side, very narrow, with a few words in there, is off putting and odd.


Totally agree. Fiverr should give sellers more freedom.