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Why cannot I create an account?

I recently was able to reset my account password, and get back into a old account. I wanted to create a new account with the same username, so I disabled my old one. Later I tried to create a new account with the username of nathfreder, and it was not available. What can I do?

You can’t use the same username twice. :slightly_smiling_face:


Would it be possible to restore my old account with the correct username then?

No - once it’s deleted, it’s gone.

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Does this message mean anything?

You can’t take same username as your old. You have to register different name.

Apart from the fact the account was disabled as you’ve already said?

My objective is now to be able to restore my old account. This seems possible due to the error message show above.

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It’s not an error message - it’s clearly saying the account’s been disabled.

you said:

No error!

Yes, it says that is it was done in error that I should contact support.

But it’s not an error - you disabled it. :woman_facepalming:

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So, why don’t you contact support rather than creating new one?

I’ll try that. Thanks.